Diving is a unique sport in that it requires life support equipment. That’s why our ScubaLab team spends much of its time performing hard-core evaluations on regulators, BCs, computers and fins. You depend on your essential dive gear to keep you safe, and our job is to help you find the best option at the best cost. But the dive experience encompasses more than mere survival. Diving is a sport–it’s supposed to be fun. So we went in search of the must-have accessories — toys, tools and topside clothing — that help you enjoy the overall dive experience. The following are the top 10 accessories we think every diver should have, and some specific examples of each that came through our evaluations with flying colors.

Invest in a Good Fitting Scuba Mask

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Personal Hygiene

Must Have Dive Accessories For New Divers

You can always ask the scuba dive centre to replace your regulator mouth piece. The moldable mouth piece ensures your personal hygiene and also maximum comfort fit, preventing jaw fatigue.