A Scuba Dive Logo Design Story


We wanted a new logo that represented our new directions, our founder mission and the logo that is gonna set us for the next decade since Orpheus Dive was founded in early 2000.

We employed a local design firm and gave them a very detailed design brief. We wanted a non traditional diving logo, a logo that played around with empty space, a logo that represented our attributes.

And in 2015, our old surfer dude logo was replaced.

Orpheus Dive Logo - The Meaning

Corporate Color – Red

In the early 2000, most dive centres were using primarily colors such as black, white and blue. Our late founder wanted a color that stood out amongst the crowd. His past experience while clearing customs (Singapore and Malaysia Immigration) was that divers found it really hard to located the right van and dive crew amongst the hundreds of people are the immigration point. Jokingly, he mentioned, “I want to pay the custom red so that our divers can spot us from a mile.”

That gave birth to our corporate color red. Over the years, Orpheus Dive was recognized by their fiery red, the red also represented her boldness and also her passion for diving and educating divers.

From a humble shop located in Telok Ayer Street, Orpheus Dive embraced the importance of diver Education, diver Experience and lastly, the importance of good quality rental Equipment, good selection of retail choices on diving Equipment and excellent Equipment servicing. With the 3 Es (Education, Equipment, Experience) in mind, the designers came up with a Red Triangle – representing our fiery passion of diving and embracing the 3 most important pillars of diving.

Part 1 of the Logo – The Seedling

One of the early founders of Orpheus Dive often said “Always know your position in the society”. That statement stuck to Orpheus Dive like bees to honey. Never forget our roots, our humble beginning, our struggle to become who we are today.

Orpheus Dive was not born as a fully equipped dive centre. We had only a sofa, a few plastic tools, a old TV and VCR when we first started our shop. Over the years, we grew slowly to become what we are. Remembering our humble roots allows us to focus on becoming better and never falling back to history.

With such a ideology, we move forward, always championing the latest technology and trends in diving. We are the only dive centre in Singapore that believes that it is important to provide consumers with choices. Providing the industry with quality services and also options.

Orpheus Dive Logo - The Meaning
Orpheus Dive Logo - The Meaning

Part 2 of the Logo – The Tree (D)

The seedling grows into a strong tree. Playing with empty space logo designing, the seed is actually O and the tree is D. OD – Orpheus Dive.

We do not stay stagnant and always growing to become better. Learning from what the retail industry has to offer, we learn from them to provide a better retail experience. Learning from our universities, we improve our teaching methods to give divers a better diving educational and readiness. And lastly, learning the trends of divers, we are able to provide what divers really need.

Part 3 of the Logo – The Three Leaves

The seedling grows into a strong tree and the tree becomes strong bearing leaves. The three leaves will always present our 3 Core pillars. Education, Experience and Equipment.

Orpheus Dive Logo - The Meaning

The Birth of Our Companies

And with the launch of our new Orpheus Dive Logo, the rest of the companies were born in 2015. Each logo embracing part of the original logo.

Orpheus Dive Logo - The Meaning

Never forget who we are. Never forget why we founded this business. Knowing our roots and treating each other with respect is the key to our success in this business. Treat each customer as they are our friends and honor our promises to them.

Our Founders