Where is Sudan?

Sudan, also known as North Sudan and officially the Republic of the Sudan, is a country in northeastern Africa. It is bordered by Egypt to the north, the Red Sea, Eritrea, and Ethiopia to the east, South Sudan to the south, the Central African Republic to the southwest, Chad to the west and Libya to the northwest. It is the third largest country in Africa. The River Nile divides the country into eastern and western halves. Its predominant religion is Islam.

Distance from Singapore to Sudan is 7944.7km and there are many different airlines that will fly to Sudan with 1 single stop in between.


Sudan may not be a high-profile tourist destination, thanks to its history of political unrest. However, scuba diving tourism is very much on the rise as word spreads of beautiful, colorful, pristine reefs, healthy shark populations, uncrowded dive sites, unforgettable wrecks and big schools of fish. Live-aboard trips either depart from Port Sudan or from the Egypt’s Port Ghalib, an easy-to-get-to destination. Sudan usually attracts more experienced divers and those who may have been to the Egyptian Red Sea before. As such it is considered a bit of a step up from Egypt. Some of the dives may offer challenges in terms of depth or wreck penetration that would be a little too much for beginner divers in places like Sharm El Sheikh. To those in the know, it is simply the best diving in the Red Sea.

Most dives promise delightful coral gardens and schools of fish. Some also feature interesting topography like vaulting coral pinnacles, steep and deep drop-offs or fascinating caves. Add to that a variety of sharks, barracuda, and manta rays, sometimes in wonderful visibility and you can begin to appreciate the natural wonder of Sudan. Man too has had a role to play in making Sudan a fascinating live-aboard destination as a number of amazing wrecks litter the seabed. Famous dives like the Umbria Wreck, Toyota Wreck, and Cousteau’s Conshelf II are quite simply unique and unforgettable.


sudan dive site scuba diving wreck toyota

Blue Bell – Toyota wreck

The Blue Bell (sometimes spelled Blue Belt) was sailing from Jeddah to Port Sudan with her cargo of Toyota vehicles and spare parts (hence her other name, the “Toyota wreck”) when she struck the reef in 1977, about 75km north of Port Sudan. The huge, 103m long wreck lies overturned on the reef wall at a 30° angle, her keel facing upwards and her bow pointing toward the reef

sudan scuba diving dive sharks

Sharks of Sudan

Scuba diving in Sudan is one of the most beautiful and adventurous in the world. Dive sites in the Sudanese waters are untouched and can be reached only by zodiacs. The pristine sea hides some of the most amazing coral formations and underwater life in the world. Hundreds of metres deep drop-offs, the wildest variety of marine life make diving so exhilarating here. Sharks are a definite drawing force for scuba divers.

Angarosh Sudan Shark Reef Scuba Diving Dive Divers


The name means ”Mother of Sharks” in the local language and it is deserving as grey reef sharks regularly turn up along the outer walls. The tip of the reef lies 10m beneath the water surface and it is made up of 2 plateaus, one at 25m and the other at 45m where mantas swim in the deep and barracudas swirl above the plateaus.

Sanganeb National Park in Sudan for Scuba Divers


The Sanganeb National Park is made up of 124 coral reefs. Its lighthouse, resembling a smaller version of the Eiffel Tower, emerges in the middle of the sea.  Upon descending, as if an Asian temple city had sunken to the bottom of the sea with sprawling vines in magnitude of colors over its ruins. Vertical gorges slice through the rocks and lush colt corals spread out like blooming plants in the rainforest. Scores of fish swim among the rocks and grooves as schools of sharks glide by peacefully.

Umbria Wreck Sudan

The wreck of Umbria

Port Sudan used to be one of the most important ports in the world, with numerous exciting wrecks waiting to be discovered. One of them is Umbria, a large Italian vessel that lies on the sea bottom about 1 ½km from Port Sudan. She lies at 25m at about a 45-degree angle and in low tide the tips of her two masts even peek out of the water for an easy dive.

It is exciting to discover all the rooms and cargo spaces, some of which have remained completely intact like the bakery and the engine room. Fiat Lagunas, bottled wine and ammunition are lined up in the cargo hulls. Lots of snapper fish and sea lilies found shelter under the giant rudder by the stern. Around the wreck, we can run into barracudas, butterflyfish, spiny fish.

deep south sudan sharks hammerhead

Deep South of Sudan

Dahrat Abid, Darraka, Miyum… wonderful untouched reefs, pulsing marine life and plenty to see! There are grey reef sharks, silky sharks, white-tip sharks, barracudas, hammerheads, dolphins, turtles… Every dive is an awesome experience! Our dive suits can be left on the boat and wear only our shorties in the 30-degree water. We take in all the non-touristy sites of the Red Sea during our 2-week Deep South diving safari trip. We always find an abundant marine life unparallel to anything we had seen before.

Shaab Rumi

This reef lies 48km from Port Sudan and surrounds a gorgeous lagoon which can be accessed through a narrow strait having been blasted by Cousteau himself. Outside of the lagoon, just 100m from its entrance is where in 1963, Cousteau built Precontinent II – his futuristic world. Here he conducted his underwater experiments and today the Precontinent provides an insight into the lives of those who had lived under the water in futuristic looking buildings and conducted research on marine life. The cages used for shark feedings still lie where they used to in Cousteau’s time. Sharks still come here as they did decades ago.

suakin sudan


At the end of the diving safari tour there is a chance to visit Suakin, the ancient main port city in the Red Sea. Today gentle winds blow through the blindingly white walls and building remains that were made of coral “bricks”. It is easy to imagine the beautifully built houses with their mashrabeyas and the bustling city it used to be…

About Andromeda

Andromeda, the 5-star diving safari liveaboard, was built based on a unique design, meeting diver and guests every need. Spacious, tastefully decorated cabins with en-suite bathrooms, a roomy dining room, salon, and sundeck make the 1-week diving safari comfortable for everyone. The heart of the boat is the shisha room, reminiscent of the East where stories can be told every night in the shadow of the lingering delicious waterpipe smoke. A well-travelled, cohesive crew, speaking various languages, awaits all the guests who wish to dive and relax. See you onboard!



Beam8 metres
Engine2x MAN diesel 1150HP each
Generator2x Mercedes 138Kw silent generators
Freshwater15 tons plus desalination device (2 tons/day)
Fuel70 tons
Length40 metres / 130 feet
Electricity220v in every cabin and in the salon
NavigationCompass, GPS, depth sounder, VHF, radio, radar, EPIRB
Safety2x life rafts, 40x life jackets, 2x50L emergency Oxygen, medic First Aid kit, 8x fire extinguishers, Satellite telephone, life bouys, NAUTILUS Lifeline radio safety system
Extra ServicesNitrox charging, Nitrox Membrane system (up to 32% O2)
Indoor AreaEuropean Salon The spacious lounge area is air-conditioned and well equipped with an LCD TV, VCR, DVD and CD player and furnished according to European style. Arabian cafe The spacious room follows the original Oriental coffee shop design with shisha (waterpipe) smoking possibility, coffee, tea and original Arabic music.
Outdoor AreaSun deck The comfortable 100-square-metre sun deck provides plenty of space for sun seekers, as well as shaded area. Comfortable deck chairs and cushioned seats make time more pleasant. There is a smaller sun deck in front of the captain’s bridge. Covered deck In front of the salon is a comfortable open but covered area for resting and chatting between dives and in the evening.
Diving Platform & EquipmentThe large dive deck and dive platform area ensures more-than-adequate space for divers preparing for their next plunge into the Red Sea. 2 hand-held showers on the platform allow for a rinse after diving or snorkeling. A bathroom with shower and marine head leads directly off the dive deck. Rental of diving equipment can be arranged but should be booked well in advance. We do not keep rental gear on board. Tanks: 20x 12l aluminium and 10x15l steel tanks, K valves, DIN and INT with international adaptors. Weights are provided at no charge on the boat. Zodiacs: 2, each equipped with a 40HP engine.
andromeda liveaboard sudan HONEYMOON
Room TypeNo. of Rooms
andromeda liveaboard sudan queen
Room TypeNo. of Rooms
andromeda liveaboard sudan twin
Room TypeNo. of Rooms
Sudan Liveaboard - Cassiopeia and AndromedaSudan Liveaboard - Cassiopeia and Andromeda
Sudan Liveaboard - Cassiopeia and AndromedaSudan Liveaboard - Cassiopeia and Andromeda
Sudan Liveaboard - Cassiopeia and AndromedaSudan Liveaboard - Cassiopeia and Andromeda
Sudan Liveaboard - Cassiopeia and AndromedaSudan Liveaboard - Cassiopeia and Andromeda

Resort Facilities

  • Individually controlled Air-Conditioning and overhead fan
  • En-Suite bathrooms with hair dryer, shampoo/shower gel and bath towels
  • Separate shower and WC
  • Private veranda overlooking the sea
  • Safe-Deposit box
  • Insect Repellent
  • Complimentary bottled drinking water
  • 220 volt power points
  • Swimming Pool
  • SPA
  • Internet
  • Camera Room

Cocotinos Manado Special Weekend Package

Organized by Eurydice Travel Pte Ltd

Sudan Liveaboard - Cassiopeia and AndromedaSudan Liveaboard - Cassiopeia and Andromeda

Silkair 3D/2N Manado Scuba Diving Schedule

DAY 1 – Saturday

  • Departure from Singapore Via Manado @ 0920hrs
  • Arrival in Manado approximately at 1305hrs
  • Transfer to Cocotinos
  • 2 shore dives
  • Overnight in Manado Cocotinos Resort

DAY 2 – Sunday

  • Breakfast
  • 1 shore dive
  • Lunch
  • 2 boat dive
  • Overnight in Manado Cocotinos Resort

DAY 3 – Monday

  • Breakfast and Check Out
  • Transfer to Airport,
  • Return flight via Silkair @ 1315hrs
Sudan Liveaboard - Cassiopeia and Andromeda

Weekend 3D/2N Promo

Regular Price SGD$ 600

Promo : SGD$ 499.00

  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • 2 nights accommodation
  • 5 dives
  • Tanks, Weights and Guides
  • Local Tipping
  • Alcoholic and Carbonated Drinks
  • Shopping, Tours, and Massages
  • Compulsory Travel Insurance
  • Air Tickets and all airport related charges
  • Marine Park Fees
  • Divers Package Packages

  • Every Additional Day
  • Two Way Airport Transfers
  • Tea daily Afternoon Tea
  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • 3 Guided Boat Day Dives
  • Bunaken Marine Park Fee
  • Diving Equipment
  • Garden

  • US$575

    per diver

  • USD235
  • Garden

  • US$625

    per diver

  • USD250
  • Garden

  • US$835

    per diver

  • USD320
  • Water Edge

  • US$620

    per diver

  • USD250
  • Water Edge

  • US$690

    per diver

  • USD270
  • Water Edge

  • US$925

    per diver

  • USD365
  • Suite

  • US$665

    per diver

  • USD260
  • Suite

  • US$750

    per diver

  • USD305
  • Suite

  • US$1155

    per diver

  • USD445

We need the following information to block the room/confirm reservation.

Full name :
NRIC (for MALAYSIAN only)/Passport Number:
Nationality :
Gender (M/F) :
Date of Birth(DOB) :
Diver(D)/Non-Diver(ND) package :

Booking Request Standard Dateline (cooling-off period)

Upon request, room can be held temporary for 3 days (maximum), you are required to reconfirm back the request within 3 day. Kindly take note that should there be no reconfirmation within the 3 days, the temporary room held will be released by our booking system automatically on the deadline (on the 3rd day at 1200 midnight) without further reference to you.

Minimum Order : 2 pax (adult)

Pricing Guide:

1 Adult + 1 Child in a chalet   (Based on 2 Adults Rate)

1 Adult + 2 Children in a chalet  (Based on 1 Adult + 2 Children Rate)

Adult age counted from 12 yrs old onward

Child (2 to 12 yrs old) – 50% of Non-Dive package (PACKAGE B)

Infant (below 24 months) – 10% of Non-Dive package (PACKAGE B)

Transfer Arrangement & Fees.

Package prices are inclusive of land & boat transfer on the check-in and checkout day only.

Any additional land transfer & rates (other than the transfers mentioned above):-

  • Tawau Airport to Semporna (vice versa) at RM 50.00/pax per way (minimum order : 2 pax; 06:00 am to 17:00 pm only)

(Note: There will be no transfer to Semporna after 1700 pm for safety reason, all transfer after 1700 pm will be to Tawau Town only:)

  • Tawau Airport to Tawau Town (vice versa) at RM 25.00/pax per way (minimum order : 2 pax; 06:00 am to 22:00 pm only)

Boat Schedules (Fixed)

  1. Semporna Private Jetty to KAPALAI Resort – 10:00 am; 12:30 pm and 16:00 pm
  2. KAPALAI Resort to Semporna Private Jetty – 06:30 am; 09:30 am and 13:30 pm

Check-In/Check-Out Time

  1.  Check-In Time into Chalet– 02:00 pm
  2. Check-Out Time from Chalet – 12.00 pm

Meals and Timing

  • Breakfast   07:00 am to 10:30 am
  • Lunch          12:30 pm to 14:00 pm
  • Dinner         19:00 pm to 20:30 pm

Note: Strictly no outside Food & Drinks allowed into the Resort

Recommended Flight Timing Guide

Arrival :

Book the earliest flight to arrive Tawau. Latest by 14:30 pm, for transfer to resort on same day.

1st boat into KAPALAI is at 10:00 am, earliest flight to look for is from Kota Kinabalu arrival Tawau around 07:40 am.


Book any flight from 10:00 am onward.

To stay up to last departure boat at 13:30 pm from KAPALAI, earliest flight to look for is anytime from 17:00 pm.

General Terms & Conditions
1) Reservation/Deposit/Full Payment.
Reservation should be made through ORPHEUS DIVE PTE LTD / EURYDICE TRAVEL PTE LTD  at least sixty (60) days in advance. Bookings can be made by either email or walk ins. Upon receipt of a booking, deposit, the company will email a return confirmation with booking number at which point the booking will be deemed to have been made.
A non-refundable deposit is required and payable upon confirmation for the following to secure a confirmed booking :
a) Dive and Non Dive package – 50% of package /person is required as non-refundable deposit
Full payment must be made at least thirty (30) days before departure date. If for whatever reason, we do not receive the balance on, or before the due date, ORPHEUS DIVE PTE LTD / EURYDICE TRAVEL PTE LTD withholds the right to cancel your booking. Any deposits paid are non-refundable.
A guest deposit is understood to be a formal & binding commitment to pay for the vacation package in full, to take the activities that you requested and that ORPHEUS DIVE PTE LTD / EURYDICE TRAVEL PTE LTD fulfilled in good faith. The deposit is non-refundable. Furthermore, submission of a deposit by any guest indicates that guest’s full acceptance of Resort’s Booking Terms & Conditions. When a booking is made, space is held and other bookings are turned away. We stand by our confirmed bookings and respectfully request that you do the same. Thank you for your understanding
2) Bookings within thirty (30) days.
Bookings accepted within thirty (30) days subject to availability of accommodation. Full payment is required to secure this booking.
3) Accompanying Children and Infants.
Child price is based on child aged 3 and above but below 12 years old and sharing room with adults or their parents. 50% of the non-dive package price will be charged to child between 3-12 years old.
There is no packages for infants and child below 3 years.
4) Package Price Excludes.
Airfares, snorkel or dive gear hire, beverages, laundry, room service and others not specified or mentioned in the tour itinerary or in brochures.
5) Divers Certification and Equipment
Only certified divers may participate in scuba diving activities, unless they are enrolled in a scuba training program and under the direct supervision of their certified Instructor. Guests need to produce their certification card prior to diving. Failure to produce certification card / credentials may result in the guest being denied permission to scuba dive until they can prove their certification level.
(Certified divers minimum requirement is PADI Open Water-recreational dive certificate  or equivalent)
All scuba divers must accept full and complete responsible for themselves, their actions and their equipment. Divers may elect to use their own gear, or arrange to rent and use our dive equipment.(Please refer to our dive equipment rental rate)
6) Extension stay request.
One may apply for extension of stay while at the resort but subject to accommodation availability. 
7) Cancellation Charges/Refund.
Please notify us via email of the intention to cancel any booking at the earliest instance available.
After commencement of service, no refund, in part or full, will be given for services included in the package which have not been utilized. Where a guest fails to complete a dive, dive course or fails to participate in pre-booked or packaged activities for any reason (including ill health) or free choice, they will still be charged for the package.
For example, if a guest books a package which includes 5 days of diving and on the third day they abort their first dive because they couldn’t equalize. When that guest checks out, they will still be charged for the package and advised to make a claim on their travel insurance.
In the event of cancellation after full payment, the following will apply minus any bank charges, credit card charges and any exchange rate losses, if incurred:
a) From 29-16 days b4 arrival in Sabah – 30% of the trip’s full price forfeited
b) From 14 days to arrival date in Sabah – 50% of the trip’s full price forfeited
c) From 7 days to arrival date in Sabah – 75% of the trip’s full price forfeited
d) “No show” by customer – 100% of the trip’s full price forfeited
8) Unforeseen Circumstances
The company does not accept responsibility for any delay, additional expense or inconvenience which may be caused directly or indirectly by events outside of the company control, such as late arrival of domestic or international flights, civil disturbance, fire, floods, unusually severe weather, act of God, act of Government, or the failure of any machinery or equipment. Additionally, resort will not accept any responsibility for any injury, guest loss of or damage to personal equipment and property whilst staying at the resort, or during participation in any activity.
In the unlikely event that the dive trip is cancelled due to bad weather, rough and dangerous sea conditions, a natural disaster, an act of God, war, political unrest, a danger to passengers, or the boat, then the resort has the right to cancel or delay the departure. The resort withholds the right to change the planned itinerary, leave for jetty early or change the schedule.
9) Liability
Pulau Sipadan Resort & Tours Sdn Bhd and ORPHEUS DIVE PTE LTD / EURYDICE TRAVEL PTE LTD cannot be held responsible, or in any way liable, for property losses, personal losses, accidents, injury, or death for any reason whatsoever, whether through any activities booked through us, or caused to you by third parties connected, or not connected to us. The company will not be liable, for any additional expenses incurred by customers, for any reasons whatsoever. If a complaint is received about the package, for any reason, the company will agree to investigate and may act upon the complaint dependent upon our findings.
All guests/customers will be required to read and sign the company Standard Liability form and other related forms at the resort upon arrival or check-in. Refusal by a guest to sign such documents will prevent the resort from providing such activities.
10) Insurance
We recommend that if you intend to go scuba diving, make sure you have an insurance policy that covers this activity. We strongly recommend that all guests take out adequate travel insurance covers accident, loss caused by cancellations, loss of luggage, personal property, medical expenses, medical evacuation & weather disruption / cancellations (including activity cancellation).
Guests intending on participating in diving activities must ensure their insurance covers them for SCUBA related activities and has appropriate ‘depth ‘ coverage.
11) Travel Documentation
Please check you have the required travel documents before booking your dive trip. Make sure your passport has at least 6 months to run from your time of entry into Malaysia.

Included in Package

  • Complimentary Return Manado, Sam Ratulangi Airport/Resort Transfer
  • Complimentary Tea daily Afternoon Tea at Deho Restaurant & Bar
  • Complimentary WIFI Internet Access (available only in Deho Restaurant & Bar)
  • Breakfast + Lunch & Dinner Meal Plan (Full-Board; Table D’hôte or Buffet)
  • Up to 3 of Guided Boat Day Dives (tanks & weights provided) on normal air per day with Odyssea Divers
  • Dive Boat participation for Non-Divers for snorkeling (Priority to Divers and subject to availability)
  • Prevailing Service Charge & Government Tax

Excluded in Package

  • Dinners
  • Alcoholic and Carbonated Drinks
  • Shopping, Tours, and Massages
  • Compulsory Travel Insurance
  • Air Tickets and all airport related charges
  • Diving Equipment
  • Bunaken Marine Park Fee, Lembeh Daily Diving Park Fee (if applicable)
  • Additional Diving Excursions (such as Night, Lembeh, Further Dive Sites ~ refer to options below)
  • All that is not mentioned under Included in Package
  • Maximum number of Dives based on itinerary – Up to 3 Boat Day Dives a Day
  • Local Tipping

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Sudan Liveaboard - Cassiopeia and Andromeda
Sudan Liveaboard - Cassiopeia and AndromedaSudan Liveaboard - Cassiopeia and Andromeda
Sudan Liveaboard - Cassiopeia and AndromedaSudan Liveaboard - Cassiopeia and Andromeda