Diving Essentials : The Scuba Packing List

Learn how to pack for your scuba dive trip with Orpheus Dive. This list is the survival list of our dive team. Roll over the + icon and find out what our dive team have been packing for their dive trips.

Are You Ready For Your Liveaboard Dive Trip from Singapore onboard of White Manta?

Below is a list of Information, and how your can prepare yourself for the weekend of diving.

mares trolley bags

Let’s See What is Happening on the Weekend

Learn more about the program for your weekend of diving with Orpheus Dive.

24th June to 26th June 2016

Destination : Tioman Island, Malaysia

Liveaboard : White Manta

Instructors on Duty

– Jonathan Loo, PADI Instructor

Last Minute Checks


  1. Please check that your passport have got at least 6 months validity and if you need a visa it should already be applied.. And of course please remember to bring them!
  2. F&B will be served in the package, however some items from the bar are chargeable, so have sufficient S$ for Gas, Bar bills & tipping of crew.
  3. Carbonated Drinks – SGD$ 2.50
  4. Nespresso coffee – SGD$ 2.50
  5. Beer – SGD$ 4.50 per can (Please limit yourself to drinking)
  6. Wine – SGD$ 50.00
  7. Port Fees – $ 30.00. (Please ignore if fees is paid)
  8. Massage – S$ 30 per hour
  9. Nitrox – S$ 15 per fill per dive




Gather at Punggol Marina & Country Club

4 dives

Bahara Rock, Pulau Jahat or Renggis, Pulau Chebeh, Tiger Reef, Pulau Labas.


Departure of vessel with dinner served on board.

1 Night dives

Optional for Leisure Divers

Sail overnight to Tioman



Morning dive at Bahara Rock or Pulau Jahat

9pm to 10pm

Arrival at Punggol Marina & Country Club

Note : Timing is subjective to changes due to weather conditions.

Parking Information

NOTE: Parking information below does not apply for Punggol Marina!

You can park outside of the SAF Yacht Club Changi HQ (next to CHANGI NAVAL BASE) for the weekend for Free or Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal (4km away) for about 50 SGD for the weekend.

However, do note that we would return to Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal on the last day of diving.

Below are the latest parking rates

Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal 50 Tanah Merah Ferry Road, S(498833)

MON-SUN before 5/6 PM $1.07/hr up to a maximum charge of $20 per day

Some Other Useful Travel Information

Find out more information about some of the items we have listed above

scuba diving divers travel insurance


For a peace of mind, divers are strongly advised on getting your own personal travel insurance that covers scuba diving. Both NTUC and AIG Travel Guard has insurance covering scuba diving as an activity.

Such insurance can easily be purchased online or even via an ATM machine these days. Get yourself insured today and travel with a ease of mind.

scuba divers dive underwater camera gopro


For those bring along your digital camera, remember to pack your chargers, adapters, spare batteries and memory cards. And for those who are planning to charge multiple devices, bring along an extension power strip as most resorts will provide only up to 2 power sockets.

If you are new to diving and wish to rent a digital camera, check with our in-house instructor if you can rent one from us.

scuba diving divers vegan vegetarian


Are you a vegetarian or do you have a special diet that you have not informed us? If you are a vegan, please inform our instructor on duty if you like your meal with or without eggs.

Most packages has standard Malaysia cuisine and some of them can be quite spicy for some of our customers. Please inform our instructors on duty your food preferences so that we can inform the resort in advance about your needs.

scuba diving divers vegan vegetarian


There isn’t ATM machine on the islands. It is advisable to change some Malaysia currency (RM) for your dive trip to Malaysia. Generally, SGD$ 50 would be more than sufficient.

However, if you are addicted to beer and tidbits, changing SGD$ 100 to RM dollars should be good enough.

scuba diving divers vegan vegetarian


If you need internet or addicted to it, be reminded to activate your roaming services. Data roaming prices for Singapore Telcos are generally about SG$ 15.00 a day.

Alternatively, you can get a Malaysia Prepaid 3G card which is generally cheaper. However, do take note that the islands in Malaysia might not be well covered with 3G network.



Most of the resorts we are using in our weekend travel packages offer Audio and Video Entertainment system. Some of the resorts has cable channels and some of them have DVD players

Should you decide to bring along your personal iPads, please find a way to safely secure them while you are out diving.

Some other useful things mentioned in class that are useful for your dive trips

  • Gummy Bears

  • Motion Sickness Pills

  • Drybag

  • Panadol Menstrual

  • Defogging Lotion

  • Personal First Aid Kit

  • Water Proof Casing for your phones

  • Tampons

  • Hair Clips and Buff Head Gear

  • Sunglasses

  • Underwater Aluminum Pointer

  • Microfiber Towel

Emergency Contacts and Protocols

Please keep this as reference. Below are important numbers to have in-case of any emergencies.

dan divers alert network logo asia pacific singapore emergency contact information

The DAN Diving Emergency Service (DES)

Australia Hotline 1800-088 200 (toll free within Australia – English Only) +61-8-8212 9242 (from outside Australia – English Only)

DAN America : +1-919-684 9111 (collect)

DAN Europe : +39-06-4211 8685 DAN Japan : +81-3-3812-4999

DAN TravelAssist : +1-919-684 9111 or +1-919-684 3483 (collect)

In Singapore, diving medical assistance can be sought at the Hyperbaric & Diving Medicine Centres at the Singapore General Hospital or Tan Tock Seng Hospital. For diving emergencies, call (65) 6758 1733 (24-hr hotline).