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Scubapro Authorized Dealer Singapore

We carry the most popular models of Scubapro Regulators and Computers

All popular models of Scubapro masks, snorkels, exposure protection, regulators and dive computers are available through our store. We also carry authorized servicing/maintenance kits, spare parts, battery kits, dive computer strap replacements for all models. Instant battery change and chamber testing and 3 days turn around for regulator servicing is also available in our store. We are open 7 days a week and whenever you need a last minute battery change, our technicians will be able to quickly attend to your needs in-house while you wait.

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When you purchase a Scubapro Product with us and there is an issue with it, we will replace it instantly for you as long as it is a manufacturing fault. Most dive centres in Singapore are unable to do that because they do not carry stocks. Replacement of a faulty dive computer can be mind boggling and time consuming. Some replacement can take up to 3 months.

Repairs and Servicing Procedures

All repair works for Nautilus Lifeline would be done in Canada by Authorized Centre of Nautilus Lifeline. Please use the form below to fill up the neccessary information. Owner of the Nautilus would have to bear the 2 way charges of SGD$ 260.00 for items to be returned to Nautilus HQ if item is out of warranty period, excluding repair charges.

Nautilus Lifeline Repair Request

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