How do I store my equipment so that it would still be in good condition for the next dive trip?

This would definitely be one of the questions that many divers have in their mind after a dive trip. Many would be tired upon reaching home, they would just dump their equipment one side, shower, and head to bed. Yet some would wash their equipment with fresh water and hang it dry. However, both groups of divers will have the same situation, always finding that the zipper on their equipment would be stuck or not sealing properly.


A zipper has two functions, to ZIP and to UNZIP.

However, now it has failed you. You will spend hours trying to fix it, at times you are successful, but mostly you will be unsuccessful. You might even flare up and curse and swear the zipper.

Well, have you hear that the best cure for a sickness is prevention and not medicine. So the best solution to your stuck or not sealing properly zipper is to prevent the situation from happening and not curing it.

Before, I present you the solution to prevent it from happening. Let’s take a look at how a zipper works.

There are two main parts on every zipper — the part you pull, called the “slide,” and the parts on either side of the item being zipped, called the “teeth.” If you look up close at the teeth of a zipper you’ll find that they’re shaped like little hooks! They’re made that way so they can connect (hook) and disconnect (unhook) from each other as you pull the slide up and down. The slide brings the two rows of teeth together to ZIP closed and then pulls them away again when you UNZIP!


Take a look at this animated GIF for better understanding:

Animated GIF source from Wikipedia

Diving in the ocean is not exactly the cleanest water in the world, especially due to the recent plastic pollution (A topic for another day). So dirt, sand and salt could be lodged on the zipper. This caused the zipper not to hooked on or unhook efficiently. Thus causing the situation of a stuck zipper or misalign zipper. Do not get me wrong, most of the diving equipment have zippers, I am not only referring to wetsuits or dry suit.

Now, let me present you a solution. We do not want any dirt, sand and salt to be collecting on the zipper. Furthermore, the bigger it grows the more hindrance it will cause to the zipper. I would highly recommend using M Essentials Zip Tech


Luckily with M Essentials Zip Care is a wonderful prevention jam zipper. It could help to prolong the usage of your zipper.

It’s the ultimate zipper care, designed to remove sand, dirt and salt deposits that make a zipper stick. The handy brush attached to the Zip Care bottle top removes debris of dirt, sand, and salt. In addition, it leaves behind a clear, protective and lubricating film.



Pros Cons
When storing exposure suit, it prevents dirt and dust and hair to be trapped in the zipper as a layer of lubricant is formed on it. If not capped properly the top layer of the lubricant may dry out.
Help to prolong zippers usage.


Watch a tutorial video on how to use it.