After an extremely successful 2017, SCUBAPRO HYDROS PRO BCs have racked up many tens of thousands of hours underwater. Many of these hours have been logged by scuba diving professionals around the world and the SCUBAPRO HYDROS PRO BCs have been subjected to every type of diving conditions imaginable, especially the abuse from diving instructors.

Working from solid feedbacks Scubapro has received on this revolutionary new BC platform, we are pleased to announce that some in-line improvements have been made to the Model Year 2018 Scubapro Hydros Pro BC System.

As part of Scubapro’s Continous Improvement philosophy, these changes and additions aim to keep pushing the platform forward by increasing comfort, performance, and reliability.

Note : These refinements will be implemented as in-line changes, as is normal with the evolution of a product, and there is no need to upgrade prior versions of Hydros Pro.


  • The Tri-Bungee system employed on the SCUBAPRO HYDROS PRO BCs has been revised slightly to lock the two lower Bungee Cords in the center of the Backplate. This Centre-Lock helps to ensure even distribution of air on either side of the Air Cell, improving stability and maneuverability in the process.
  • The Waist Strap on the Pro Weight System of the SCUBAPRO HYDROS PRO BCs is designed to be adjusted on one-side only during normal use, with a Plastic D-Ring being fitted only on the left side. The Right Side, however, includes an additional length of webbing for fine-tuning the fit of the Waist Strap. The new model now includes a 50mm Belt Clip to assist with keeping the additional webbing on the Right Side, neat and streamlined.
  • The TRAV Waist Strap supplied with theSCUBAPRO HYDROS PRO BCs initially did not feature plastic D-Rings on the ends of the Waist Straps. This was to maintain a streamlined profile and prevent the D-Rings from hanging loose. The new model now features 50mm Belt Clips on both sides that provide extra grip for adjusting the Waist Straps and allow you to attach the loose ends of the straps onto the main waist ‘belt’ to streamline the system even further.


  • The Monprene Shoulder Pads have been re-engineered to provide much greater resilience at the Hinge, an area which on the initial versions could become weakened in certain diving conditions.(It is important to note that on all Hydros Pro versions, the load of the SCUBA set is taken by the Military Grade Webbing Straps while the Monprene Pad is there to ensure grip, stability, and comfort.)
  • A new component has been added at the Shoulder Strap / Backpack junction; the Hinge Guide (which replaces the current retaining bar). This Hinge guide controls the angle of the Shoulder Strap webbing, preventing it from slipping on the main Hinge Bolt and ensuring that the primary load is always taken by the Webbing and not the Monprene Pad, even when the tensile force is at an angle to the backpack, for example, when picking up a fully-loaded SCUVA set by one shoulder strap.
  • The Fluid-Form Backpack has been revised to accommodate the new Tri-Gungee system (with Centre-Lock Ferrules) and to make minor, under-the-skin technical improvements.
  • As already implemented on some other SCUBAPRO models, a new Self-Locking Elbow Ring on the primary left-shoulder valve prevents accidental loosening.

SCUBAPRO HYDROS PRO BCs shipped ex-factory from February 2018 onwards will incorporate these changes, with the exception of the Self-Locking Elbow Ring which will be phased in from January 2018 through to March 2018.

The SCUBAPRO HYDROS PRO BCs has therefore been available in 3 configurations.



  1. Relates to BCs produced and shipped (ex-factory) in July and August 2016.
  2. This configuration featured the original ‘Version 1’ Shoulder Strap Assembly.


  1. Relates to BCs produced and shipped (ex-factory) from December 2016 to January 2018.
  2. This configuration featured the original ‘Version 2’ Shoulder Strap Assembly.


  1. Relates to BCs produced and shipped (ex-factory) from February 2018 onwards.
  2. This configuration features
    • The latest Tri-Bungee system
    • The latest Fluid-Form Backpack
    • The addition of Belt Clips to the PRO & TRAV Waist Systems
    • The self-locking elbow ring
    • The updated ‘Version 3’ Shoulder Strap Assembly, comprising;
      • The version 3 Fluid-Form Shoulder Pads
      • The Hinge Guide

The up-to-date Configuration 3 Schematics are now available for

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