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Atomics Aquatics regulators are one of the more popular mid-level regulator used by thousands of scuba divers in Singapore. However, this regulator is also the most misunderstood regulator amongst technicians.

Very often, we received this regulator that has either been tampered with regular silicone grease and there’s insufficient Christo-lube applied, causing corrosion in the regulator.

Atomics Aquatics regulators are also one of the few brands that demand many specialized tools unique to Atomics Aquatics regulators, which most technicians do not have.

Trust your Atomics Aquatics regulator with us.

Atomics Aquatics T2 T3 ST1 SS1 M1 B2 Z2 Z3 Regulator Octopus Servicing Sales Maintenance Repairs
Atomics Aquatics T2 T3 ST1 SS1 M1 B2 Z2 Z3 Regulator Octopus Servicing Sales Maintenance Repairs


Huish Outdoors has brought together the best brands in dive which, combined, have over 150 years of history and product innovation. Their portfolio of brands are iconic, complimentary, and collectively represent a full line with each brand being authentic to its category. Under one company, they allow us to do something no other company can – satisfy consumer demand for best in category products, without compromise.

The official distributor of Atomic Aquatics is a private company located in Malaysia and they have exclusively work with a few dealers here in Singapore.

With a team of Atomic Aquatics Technicians available 7 days a week, we have been providing care, repairs, and maintenance of Scubapro scuba diving equipment for Singapore Scuba Divers.

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When you purchase an Atomic Aquatics Product with us and there is an issue with it, we will replace it instantly for you as long as it is a manufacturing fault. Most dive centres in Singapore are unable to do that because they do not carry stocks. Replacement of a faulty dive computer can be mind boggling and time consuming. Some replacement can take up to 3 months.

Atomic Aquatics regulator servicing Singapore

Orpheus Dive is one of the two dive companies here in Singapore that have a team of Atomic Aquatics Technicians, operating our service center 7 days a week. As one of the most well-stocked dive shop here in Singapore.

We have been calling everyone who has advertised themselves as a servicing centre and could handle Atomics regulator. My B2 cover and knob has disintegrated and everyone wanted me to wait for a month. 

To be my surprised, the guys at Orpheus Dive took only 3 days to complete servicing and replacing the parts.

Kudos to them.

Jayson Ang

After servicing our regulator with a local company who has advertised their services on Carousell, my Atomics T2 was whistling loudly everytime I was diving. Brought it back to the person who serviced it and he said it was normal and it will get better when I use more.

While getting a SPG replacement, the kind folks heard the whistling sound and immediately know what the problem is. They took the first stage apart and realized the problem and serviced it on the spot.

Whistling sound is gone and I am a happy diver. Not gonna use the guy that published his services on Carousell anymore.

Andrew Ching

It is almost impossible to get anyone to replace my SS1 buttons. Overtime, the buttons was cracked and no one seem to be able to change it.

Tried my luck with Orpheus Dive and they told me to bring te SS1 over to the shop. Within 40 mins, I had a brand new SS1 again 🙂

Tsu Ang

I inherited a old Atomic T2 and wasn’t sure if it needed to service. Brought it down to Orpheus for a routine check and they did not charge me anything at all.

They have gained a loyal customer and all my equipment servicing is handled by them now.


Atomic Aquatics regulator service cost

Servicing of Atomic Aquatics Regulators starts from SGD$ 165.00 and generally will take only 3 days for a standard maintenance. Find out what are maintenance procedures are and all other Atomic Aquatics Regulator Servicing charges

Atomic Aquatics limited lifetime Warranty

Atomic Aquatics warrants this regulator against defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the original owner with the exception of mouthpieces, hoses, o-rings, filters, or valve seats which are warranted for 2 years. During the first 2 years, Atomic Aquatics warrants all parts of this regulator against defects in materials and workmanship. Atomic Aquatics will at its option repair or replace any components it finds defective.

This warranty does not cover regulators purchased from other than authorized Atomic Aquatics dealers. To activate this warranty you must complete and return the warranty registration card within 30 days of purchase.

All titanium components are warranted for the lifetime of the original owner against the effects of corrosion. Chromed brass components are subject to corrosion and require as a minimum reasonable maintenance fresh water rinsing after use in salt water and proper storage as described in this manual.

This warranty is not contingent upon obtaining annual service, and will maintain in effect for the lifetime of the original owner. It is recommended however that maintenance include an annual safety inspection to be performed by an authorized Atomic Aquatics dealer or by the factory. Factory or authorized dealer servicing is required at intervals of 300 dive hours or 2 years, whichever occurs first. This service will include disassembly, cleaning, replacement and lubrication of all o-rings and seals, and safety check.

To obtain warranty service, you must deliver to the regulator to Atomic Aquatics or one of its authorized repair facilities. If you send the regulator to the factory, you must pay the shipping charges to the factory. If the regulator is returned to the factory and it is determined that the problem is due to material or manufacturing defect, there will be no charge for parts, labor or return shipping.

This warranty does not cover damage or defect due to neglect, misuse, alteration, or attempted repairs by someone other than an authorized dealer.

This warranty applies only to regulators purchased through authorized Atomic Aquatics Dealers.

Atomic Aquatics shall not be liable for loss of use of this product or incidental or consequential costs or damages incurred with the use of this regulator. Some states do not allow this exclusion so the above may not apply to you.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may have other rights which vary from state to state.

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