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Scubapro Authorized Distributor in Singapore 

In 2016, Scubapro Asia Pacific has officially announced that there will be no longer any official Authorized Scubapro Distributor for Singapore. Scubapro Asia Pacific has carefully selected a few dive companies here in Singapore and appointed them as Scubapro Authorized Dealers. Our commitment is to bring you the full-range of Scubapro superior scuba diving equipment to Singapore scuba divers.

Orpheus Dive is the largest and most well-stock Authorized Scubapro Service Center, carrying virtually every single spare part from Scubapro range of regulators, BCD, computers, and accessories.

With a team of Scubapro Technicians available 7 days a week, we have been providing care, repairs, and maintenance of Scubapro scuba diving equipment for Singapore Scuba Divers.


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When you purchase a Scubapro Product with us and there is an issue with it, we will replace it instantly for you as long as it is a manufacturing fault. Most dive centres in Singapore are unable to do that because they do not carry stocks. Replacement of a faulty dive computer can be mind boggling and time consuming. Some replacement can take up to 3 months.

SCUBAPRO REGULATORS available in singapore

Scubapro Mk25 Evo S600

Scubapro Regulator Mk25 Evo S600

The Scubapro Mk25 Evo S600 is one of the highest sold scuba regulators in the world. It’s unmatched performance as an Over-Balanced Piston regulator has been the preferred choice of 80% of scuba divers in Singapore.

Scubapro Mk2T S600T

Mk25T S600T - Not Available

With an identical performance of the Scubapro Mk25 Evo S600, the Mk25T S600T weight advantage provided by the titanium alloy was a bonus, especially going where airline excess-baggage charges could cost hundreds of dollars.

Scubapro Mk11 C370

Scubapro Regulator Mk11 C370

Next in line of the Scubapro hottest selling regulator is this little jewel, Scubapro Mk11 C370. This regulator has been tested against other Balanced Diaphragm regulator and most divers are unable to tell the difference.

Scubapro Mk25 Evo A700

Scubapro Regulator Mk25 Evo A700

An outstanding muscularity designed regulator and high-performance balanced regulator, the Mk25 Evo A700 is the choice for you. Wherever the adventure takes you, when you go with the MK25 EVO/A700, you go with the best.

Scubapro Mk25 Evo S620TI

Scubapro Regulator S620TI

The new S620 Ti embraces the best features of SCUBAPRO’s renowned S600 in an upgraded, state-of-the-art design.  Smaller and lighter than the S600 but using the same-sized diaphragm, the S620 Ti delivers excellent performance.

Scubapro Mk25 Evo G260

Scubapro Regulator Mk25 Evo S600

The Scubapro Mk25 Evo S600 is one of the highest sold scuba regulators in the world. It’s unmatched performance as an Over-Balanced Piston regulator has been the preferred choice of 80% of scuba divers in Singapore

scubapro regulator servicing Singapore

Orpheus Dive is one of the two dive companies here in Singapore that have a team of Scubapro Technicians, operating our service center 7 days a week. As one of the most well-stocked dive shop here in Singapore, we literally can build a scuba regulator using only our spare parts inventory.

We were passing by Singapore, enroute to Manado and needed to quickly service our regulator. Orpheus Team took in our regulator and we got the regulator back after a lunch in the mall opposite them. And best thing is, ours are very old Scubapro regulators and they had all the right parts for replacement.

Silvio Martinez

We used to bring our scuba regulator to the one and only service centre in Singapore. What told them 3 months took Orpheus Dive only 3 days. Their service is remarkablly fast and detailed.

Jefferey Shephard

We brought our regulator to a local shop claiming that they could fix our scubapro regs. They wanted us to leave our regs with them for a week which we did. When we went back, the shop was closed and it tooks us another 3 days to revisit them but nothing was done and we were due for a dive trip in the night. Brought it to Orpheus Dive and told them our dilemma. Their technician immediatly stopped whatever they were working on and attended to our regs.

I would never recommend any other companies advertising they can handle regulators servicing but in reality, they send it out to other third party people for servicing.

Jackson Nicholas

We went to some industrial park dive centre to get our regulator fixed. After we got our regulator, it was malfunctioning and we brought it to Orpheus for a second opinon. They immediately knew what was going round and had it fix at no cost even though the initial servicing was not done by them. Highly recommended and we will never ever bring our regulators to any other places for maintenance.

June Wong

I own a very Scubapro old Mk10 D300. Every company I called, they said that this model does not exist, till I got hold of Orpheus Dive. They said they had the parts readily and will take only 3 working days. When I got there, I was impressed with the sheer amount of spare parts they have. I thought I was an ancient dinosaur with an ancient regulator, these guys at Orpheus are worst, they are spare parts hoggers and had everything in their shop.

Mark Ong

scubapro regulator service cost

Servicing of Scubapro Regulators starts from SGD$ 165.00 and generally will take only 3 days for a standard maintenance. Find out what are maintenance procedures are and all other Scubapro Regulator Servicing charges 


Scubapro Seawing Nova and Scubapro Jet Fins are the two hottest selling fins right here in Singapore. The Scubapro Seawing Nova Fins (and Gorilla Version) has been well-like and harnessed the most positive reviews amongst recreational scuba divers. The Scubapro Jet Fins has been the preferred fins for all Tec Divers and 60% of diving instructors are using the Scubapro Jet Fins since 1980s.

and the most innovative bcd design
the scubapro hydros pro bcd

Hydros Pro is a buoyancy compensator that features a 3D injection moulded harness instead of the usual stitched fabric construction. It dries almost instantaneously and is resistant to abrasion, UV rays and chemicals. Its modular design is adjustable to personal requirements and quickly transforms from a basic harness travel BC to a jacket with fully integrated weight pockets. The ergonomic 3D harness conforms to the shape of the diver, is lightweight and neutrally buoyant.



SCUBAPRO warrants to the original consumer purchaser that, for the period of one year from date of purchase, each SCUBAPRO product component not otherwise warranted, and each SCUBAPRO replacement part, purchased from an authorized SCUBAPRO dealer will be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and with reasonable maintenance. This warranty does not apply to any product or part used commercially.  

SCUBAPRO will, at its option, repair or replace without charge any warranted component or replacement part that is defective in materials or workmanship. Repair or replacement is SCUBAPRO’s only responsibility and your only remedy under this warranty.

To obtain warranty services, you must deliver the affected component or part, together with your Original Owner Identification Card (for a component) or other proof of purchase to any authorized SCUBAPRO dealer, to SCUBAPRO 1166-A Fesler Street, El Cajon, CA 92020 or to any other SCUBAPRO factory in the United States, Europe, or Asia. If you send the component or part to a SCUBAPRO factory, you must pay the shipping charges to the factory.

This warranty does not cover damage resulting from improper usage, improper maintenance, neglect of care or maintenance or repair service performed by someone other than an authorized SCUBAPRO dealer.


SCUBAPRO SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR LOSS OF USE OR ANY OTHER INCIDENTAL, CONSEQUENTIAL, OR INDIRECT COSTS, EXPENSES OR DAMAGES. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above exclusions may not apply to you.

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