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There is nothing more important to us than the privilege of maintaining your gear. As a family-owned business our philosophy is simple: Take care of everyone’s equipment as if it is your own. No compromises, just excellent service.

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Were You Aware

Many divers in Singapore are trained in jacket style BCDs and when they make their first purchase, naturally it would be a jacket style BCD. Unfortunately, if you do not dive enough or if you have no clue how to take care of your BCD, there are some failures which will come eventually. Such as a broken off OPV (Over Pressure Valve), a sticking power inflator that requires servicing, a broken off elbow, a leaking corrugated hose or a BCD that needs patching.

Proper Tools and Authorized Maintenance Kits

It is not true that BCD does not need servicing and tools. A simple thing such as zip ties, there are procedures that ensure the zip tie does not come out overtime. Having a facility that allows you to do a leak test is equally important. And the most complex part of the BCD, which is the power inflator, each brand has an unique tool to open it, and proper service maintenance kits for them, especially brands such as Aqualung and Scubapro.

Any scuba gear repair, servicing or change of battery will have a warranty period of three months. Any claims made during the warranty period, we will not charge a single cent should any problem arise. Also, if you do change your dive computer batteries elsewhere, be sure to check your last dive. The watertight chamber test would have cause the computer to logged a dive
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