Orpheus Dive has one of the most extensive scuba dive gear and equipment list for rental here in Singapore. Whether you are a recreational diver looking for to rent a BCD and regulator, and for more advanced divers look to rent technical diving equipment such as Deco Tanks and Twins, we have got all of you covered.

scuba equipment rental bcd reg computer full
scuba equipment rental bcd backplate
bcd rental singapore
Unbalanced Regulator Set
dive computer rental
wetsuit shorty for rental
scuba equipment rental mask fins snorkel
mask prescriptive lens rental
scuba dive light rental
underwater compass rental
weight belt rental
scuba dive lead weights 2lbs 1lbs
smb  rental surface marker buoy
Apeks XTX 50 DST Twins
technical tek tec tech twins twin tank rental
technical tek tec tech twins twin tank rental
scuba tank cylinders rental
o2 oxygen clean deco stage staging cylinders tanks
Halcyon Evolve 40lbs Twin Wing
Apeks XTX 50 DST Twins
Scubapro Mk25 Twins
O2 Oxygen Clean Regs Apeks XTX 50
Shearwater Petrel
Gopro Scuba Diving Rental Hero 3
Underwater Camera Photography TG4 Ikelite Housing Rental
Inon Z240 Strobe Rental
underwater camera arms and tray
Xdeep Sidemount BCD BC system rental classic rec tec
atomic apeks regulator rental
sidemount tank rigging kit rental
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