Scuba Diving In Indian Ocean

Islands. There’s something strangely comforting about holidaying in ‘splendid isolation’, and while that phrase originally applied to the British Isles, some rather more sunny examples exist in the Indian Ocean. There are certainly plenty to choose from, ranging from atolls of thousands of tiny palm-fringed coral islands in the Maldives to the more substantial (and considerably more vertical) volcanic outcrops of Mauritius and neighbouring Réunion and the granitic gems of the Seychelles.

All of the above are perfect for honeymooners, with some of the world’s finest hotels in situ, but the appeal is far broader than just for those in the first flush of post-wedded bliss. Families will adore the slick service for all ages at the resorts of Mauritius, while divers can enjoy some of the very best Indian Ocean diving in the Maldives.

If you were lucky enough to dive the Maldives a dozen years ago, you would have found them utterly spectacular. In 1998 they were devastated by El Niño, which is said to have destroyed 95 per cent of the region’s coral. However, the coral is making a comeback and the quantity and diversity of marine life remains magnificent. Add to this a collection of the finest hotels in the world and you have the makings of an incredible holiday. Here there are difficult decisions to be made simply because the quality of accommodation on offer is so impressive. Several of our team have travelled throughout the islands and can recommend the best option for you, from family favourites to dive destinations or honeymoon hangouts.

Meanwhile the Seychelles islands are just downright spectacular. You can see why this region remains so popular.


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