Scuba Diving In Indonesia

Generally accepted to be the world’s best country for sea life, Indonesia has more marine diversity than anywhere on earth. Slap bang in the middle of the ‘Coral Triangle’ of diversity that extends from Australia to the Philippines and across to Borneo and into the South Pacific, this country is at the core of the ocean’s heart, where the marine variety suggests life in the sea began.

With 20% of the world’s coral reefs, over 3,000 different species of fish and 600 coral species, deep water trenches, volcanic sea mounts, World War II wrecks, and an endless variety of macro life, Indonesia scuba diving is both excellent and inexpensive.

You can dive here now and experience all the wondrous fish and other marine life in these nutrient-rich seas. From encounters with big pelagics around the cool waters of Komodo, drifting over pristine fields of coral in Raja Ampat, marvelling at the enormous volumes of fish in the Banda Islands, to photographing the outrageous critters of Sulawesi, Indonesia diving cruises are unsurpassable.

There are packages to suit all needs including resort diving in Bali and Sulawesi, where you can stay in comfort on the doorstep of world-class dive sites where marine biologists, photographers and pleasure divers come to marvel and the species numbers and variety.

For many, diving is best on one of the Indonesian liveaboards to Raja Ampat or Komodo, the country’s 2 main liveaboard diving destinations. Raja Ampat cruises allow you to explore the most biodiverse waters on the planet, diving pristine, remote sites with all the comfort and ease of a liveaboard safari. Komodo is a prime destination offering liveaboard experiences to suit all budgets and delivering vibrant colourful reefs, plenty of fish action, as well as the promise of mantas, sharks and more, plus of course land visits to see Komodo dragons. Some trips will take you further afield to place like Cenderawasih Bay or Triton Bay in West Papua, the Banda Islands, Ambon and Alor, where boats are few and only genuine pleasure-seeking divers are to be found. Fantastic times are virtually assured.

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