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How To Get to Wakatobi

There are several options to Wakatobi.  You can either fly to Makassar (Ujung Pandang) or Kendari and get connecting flights to Wangi Wangi directly, or fly to Bau Bau (Buton Island) and find a boat to one of wakatobi’s big island. If you are in the mood for going to a very fancy resort, there is a direct flight from Bali (Denpasar) to Tomia, which is dedicated to visitors of Wakatobi dive resort.


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Wakatobi Lies in the South East of mainland of Sulawesi. There are 4 main islands, Wangi, Kaledupa, Tomea and Binogki. It’s Pristine waters consists of all the world’s reef types – fringing, atoll and barrier – and are served with lashings of healthy corals and dense schools of fish. Many have claimed this area to be the finest dive site in the world and the area is now regularly visited by Wakatobi liveaboards.

Coral Garden – Not a very imaginative name for what is a very interesting dive site. Drop quickly down a current-swept line to a sand ledge at 11 metres in what is really a big bowl, 40 metres across. The inside of the bowl is covered in spectacular coral. Coral Garden is one of the top Wakatobi diving sites, offering a dazzling array of mixed coral forms and formations at all depths. It’s not just coral though as there are all manner of marine visitors to the garden. After the adrenaline of getting down through the current, suddenly once in the bowl, all is calm.

Cornucopia – Cornucopia, the ‘horn of plenty’. Not named after a guy who looks good in his wetsuit, but a reference to the steady Wakatobi current that supplies a rich, planktonic menu to a dazzling array of multi-hued coral and its residents. This dive site has a varied topography with walls, ledges and overhangs. Only when the current is very slight is there time to nose around, as usually you will drift at a reasonably leisurely pace along a great stretch of reef. Watch the changing vista of amazing hard and soft corals in oranges, yellows and purples.

House Reef – A mere 20 metres from your bed, you can simply fin into the paradise that is Wakatobi’s House Reef. Breakfast has never heard so much enthusiastic diver chatter as it does here, with tales abounding of the delights of what many call “The Best House Reef In The World”. Gently drift along the craggy wall past beautiful pristine corals and anemones housing all manner of shrimps, crabs and nudibranchs. There is so much to see here with the lionfish, scorpionfish and batfish, that if you aren’t careful you might miss the sight of a few early morning turtles and eagle rays about their business in the blue.

Roma – In the opinion of many that have been scuba diving in Wakatobi, Roma is as good as any site in the world.Sinking in through rays of light you will be instantly greeted by large schools of fusiliers, and red-tooth triggerfish swirling around. The centre point of the site is an extraordinary pinnacle teeming with life. Anywhere other than in Wakatobi, this pinnacle would be a dive in itself. Banded sea snakes are very common here and divers have seen them in double figures.

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