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How to get to Lankayan Island from Singapore

Fly to Sandakan Airport.

Routes to Sandakan:

  • Kota Kinabalu — Sandakan (BKI-SDK)
  • Kuala Lumpur — Sandakan (KUL-SDK).

There are also flights from Tawau to Sandakan, if you plan to visit Tawau before going to Sandakan (TWU-SDK).

Most resort staff will meet you at the airport arrival hall

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Goby Rock – One of the 40+ sites surrounding the Lankayan Island Dive Resort, this reef is a clear example of the positive effects of marine protected area projects. Just 10 years ago this region was heavily over-fished and now there is a strong chance you will be diving here with white tip reef sharks patrolling the reef edge.

Jawfish Lair – Robust staghorn coral, fine table coral, bush coral, maze coral, lobed pore coral covered with Christmas tree worms, mushroom coral and bubble coral. These are just a few of the varied and colourful hard coral varieties fused together to create the perfect home for all manner of critters at Jawfish Lair.

Jetty Wreck – This site is an artificial reef, made from the wreck of a small fishing boat, located right in front of the jetty. Just giant stride off the Lankayan Island Resort jetty at any time of the day, descend and follow the guide rope to this wreck dive.

Lost Reef – You’ll be scuba diving at Lost Reef 5 minutes after stepping on the boat. Visibility is generally quite good at Lankayan, but following heavy rains the outflow from the mainland’s rivers can sometimes reduce it. Thankfully, the island has plenty of small stuff to see where good visibility is less of an issue. However, in less than perfect visibility you may miss a few of the larger fish swimming off the reef. Located to the north of Lankayan, there is better visibility here at Lost Reef than at the other sites in the area.

Mosquito Wreck – Mosquito Wreck is one of Lankayan Island’s 3 wreck dives. The ship was once part of the Mosquito Fleet maintained by the Japanese during World War II.

Pegaso Reef – The newest addition to the Reef-Guardian family, Pegaso Reef lies to the north of the Lankayan and is well worth diving. Previously damaged by harmful practices of fishing boats, you might be surprised at the rate at which the ocean is regenerating this coral reef.

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