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Pulau Tengah

How To Get to Tengah Island

Pulau Tengah or Tengah Island lies nine nautical miles or 15 kilometres off the east coast of peninsula Malaysia in the South China Sea. The island is accessible by Batu Batu’s private speedboat from the coastal town of Mersing, approximately 130km by road from Singapore.

The journey time from Mersing to Pulau Tengah by speedboat is 20-30 minutes in good weather. We have one or two scheduled return speed boat journeys each day (dependent on occupancy and tides). Additional chartered boat transfers can be scheduled at an additional cost. Please see book for information on scheduled and chartered boat transfer prices.

Why we have stopped offering Tioman Courses


Orpheus Dive has opted not to be caught in the rat race of cheap diving courses with big class ratios. More attention received by students, enhanced learning experience, greater retention, better divers!

tioman "resorts"

Wouldn't you like to return to a hot shower (only for the first 3 minutes for the first person), air-conditioned room (that your wall fan cools better than) with an ensuite bathroom (that looks much like a public restroom) after your dive?


Ever had someone recline their seat into your space and not been able to stretch your arms and legs? Extend that for 6 hours in a 10-passenger van and you will get to experience (just the drive) to Mersing!

impossible RATIO

On an average, a diver lasts about 45 minutes in water. If a student takes 5 minutes to complete his skills and the class has 8 students, how much time are you left to experience the sea? Did you sign up to dive or look at people do skills underwater?


Most diving packages to Tioman departing from Singapore require a long overnight land and sea transfer, only to arrive in Pulau Tioman at about 4 to 5am in the morning. Who's ready to go diving?!


A weekend dive trip (yay!) to Pulau Tioman with a two-way 10-hour land/sea transfer (ugh!) is really exhausting, even just by listening to it. Now try going back to work or school, fresh-faced, the Monday after.

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