Manila Airport

Ninoy Aquino International Airport

Subic Bay

How To Get to Subic Bay, Manila

There are two main airports in Manila, Clark International Airport andNinoy Aquino International Airport.
For dive trips heading to Subic Bay, flying into Clark International Airport will be more sensible as the distance is from Clark International Airport to Subic Bay is significantly shorter.
There are currently two airlines providing directly fly to Clark International Airport in Manila. We recommend TigerAir and remember to pay for your additional dive luggage
Departing from Singapore 3:30 pm → Arrival in Manila 7:10 pm
Depart from Manila 12:25 pm → 4:00 pm
Departing from Singapore at  4:45 pm → Arrival in Manila 8:25 pm
Depart from Manila 7:50 pm → 11:30 pm
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