Buoyancy, also known as trimming, is one of the hardest skills to achieve without proper guidance. Many scuba divers are struggling with this, and even instructors are struggling to teach trimming to new divers in the water.

We completely understand this and hence developed a workshop program to help divers understand the simple theory behind trimming, the importance of having the right equipment configuration to ease the trimming process and proper equipment configuration.


what is this big thing about being in trim

Proper trim is the perfect horizontal body position which makes the diver look like he is laying on his stomach on an invisible platform. To attain this position, the diver’s legs are bent at the knee, so his fins are higher than every other part of his leg. The fins are parallel to the floor. The diver’s arms extend to the front of his body, and his arms are at the same level with his stomach or just below it. No other part of the diver’s body appears below this horizontal line.


Good trim improves a divers control as it allows him to maintain a stable position in the water. A diver without proper trim swims at an angle to the floor, either upwards or downwards, causing him to lose neutral buoyancy.

A diver who dives out of trim will have poor control, causing him to lose buoyancy whenever he is not in motion. Also, he must continuously fight to maintain a uniform depth. He also never learns to control his buoyancy with his lungs and BCD, because he swims up or down whenever he is neutrally buoyant.

Dun fall for this marketing bullshit. I have been diving for 20 years and my buoyancy is good. I never had to focus on anything, buy any special equipment to have good buoyancy. All these dive companies selling equipment and buoyancy courses are scamming you your hard earn money. Just dive more and your buoyancy will become better

Quoted from an old Instructor

We heard this quotation a fair bit in our business and for the last 20 years, we have debated on this constantly. Yes, an experienced diver might be in trim with a jacket BCD, but the ultimate question here is, how long and how much money has he spent on diving to attained that experience? There are distinct advantages of using specialized equipment configuration to speed up the learning process. Putting a new diver in trim using recommend equipment speeds up the entire process of learning and enable the new diver to “feel” and experience what trimming is all about.


The problem arise when new divers decide to sign up for a basic diving course and use price as a benchmark. They usually end up in a school that handles a 1 instructor to 8 students class with dive assistants (aka Divemaster Trainees). Yes, objective of the course is met, skills are taught, but the fundamentals are missing. The diving instructor will NOT BE ABLE to analyze in great detail of buoyancy issues of each student.

And very strangely, all Divemasters and Instructors are often caught using rear inflated BCD, but the students are always given jacket BCDs. Have you ever wonder why? And did you know this, if we deflated a jacket styled BCD and a backplate rear inflated BCD, which one is more negative?

who should sign up?

t.a.p (trim adjust perfect)

One of the biggest keys to being able to truly relax and enjoy your time underwater is achieving pinpoint buoyancy control. The basic buoyancy control skills taught in open-water class, fin pivots and hovering, are only the beginning. Ultimate buoyancy control, and all the benefits that come with it (lower air consumption, less fatigue, longer and more comfortable dives) are earned with practice and experience, but you can accelerate the learning process with our tips and an easy in-water test.

This course was designed to tackle the issues that new divers have and struggled with these problems, cultivated by their instructor

  • Bad fundamentals
  • Lack of understanding of what proper weighting is, how it affects their trim
  • Lack or Zero Understanding on the importance of using the right equipment

We planned this course in such a way, that we optimize your in-water time, using the appropriate equipment, finding the right amount of weights that you truly need.

This class requires a minimum of 2 students to start, and only a maxmium of 3 students are allowed in class.


What do you need to know before signing up


HOW : Before signing up for any PADI Scuba Diving courses, each participant would have to declare that they are relatively fit and does not require medical clearance. To understand what is needed, please download the medical form.

WHAT : You will need to have received Basic training certification from any other diving agencies as well.


HOWAs this course is authored by us, we have designed it to be an interactive class between the instructor and student.

WHATOur instructor will go through the how different equipment affects your buoyancy, what is proper trimming, and how you can achieve it. All these will be done via Zoom.

WHEN : We will arrange for your personal set of equipment to be sent over to your house prior to the class. So when we are having classes via Zoom, you can practice safely at home as well.


HOW : Instead of using what you have been used to, we will be issuing the require equipment needed for your Bali trip.

WHAT : We will be covering the different aspects of being in trim, finning techniques and S-Drills required using the new configurations.

WHEN : Every Sunday afternoon, from 8.00am to 12.30pm. The pool training will be conducted over at Alumni association.




Achieving proper trim and buoyancy comes from learning the right techniques and proper supervision and practises.


UP : SGD$ 990.00

Per Participant, Minimum 2 sign ups together.


  • 1 PADI Instructor to Max 3 Students
  • All required equipment
  • Unlimited pool dives
  • All equipment needed for the course

equipment used

during the duration of course

Equipment will be delivered before the first Zoom Lesson

What Equipment is required

  • Oxycheq Rear Inflated BCD
  • Long Hose Regulator Configuration complete set
  • 01 Scubapro Jet Fins and 01 Scubapro Go Sports Fins
  • Full Exposure Suit




Prompt response: From initial enquiry to travel arrangement to PADI course details, Orpheus Dive has never failed to reply timely, even exceeding expectations!

Hassle-free & flexible to needs: Additional pool sessions requested for were arranged according to our schedules, all we had to do was to make payment. All other logistics arrangements were settled by Orpheus Dive, including the actual trip for PADI training and certification.

Patient & professional dive instructors: Had Lester, Hamish & Darwin train our group and they were very extremely professional in teaching the required skills. Special shout-out to Darwin who has been most patient, most encouraging, most kind to help learners overcome fears and anxiety. He even went the extra mile to take underwater photos and videos to serve as a motivational tool and of course, those were most helpful in the post-dive review sessions. Outstanding service through and through!

Chi Ing

You teach with passion, you are very focus and analytic. You corrected my problems during the lesson. You took time to explain every single drills, you added new stuff to make the training fun. You go through again to make sure I understand. I think you are not just a instructor , but an amazing Teacher.

I want to say thank you to especially Michael & Darwin for tonight lesson.

Alan Fong

From zero to a certified advanced open water diver over one weekend, it would not be possible with the guidance from Michael and Nicholas, really, thank you very much for your help for this trip!

Lynn Pang

My sister and I have just recently completed our open water course with Orpheus. The class that we were in had a small ratio of 1 instructor to 3 students and our instructor, Nicholas Chow, was awesome! He was very patient throughout and ensured that each of us was able to carry out a specified task before moving onto next. I was also experiencing seasickness on the first day of the dive and Nicholas was quick to pass me ointments/seasick pills plus shared with me some very helpful tips on overcoming seasickness/equalization problems. Overall, I had a very enjoyable experience and felt safe throughout the course ( I would highly recommend Orpheus to everyone – thanks Orpheus!

Jocelyn Yeo


Can we combined other PADI Specialty for this workshop.

Only PADI Enriched Air Diver Specialty can be combined with this workshop. There are too many new things being taught and we do not want to overly task load new divers.


What if we are unable to go into trim.

Assuming that your basic self skills are taught correctly and you do not have other issues with your diving skills except for buoyancy, then we do not see any issues of not getting you in trim.


Can I get a discount if I have the equipment

Unfortunately, whether you have everything, there is no discounts given for this workshop.


I have not dived for a long time. Can I attend this workshop?

Yes you can, after you have completed a scuba refresher prior to attending this course. This trip will not have enough time to go through all your basic skills all over again.


Is this workshop conducted at all times?

The T.A.P Workshop can be conducted on any weekend over in Bali. But we do have a requirement of 2 students before we can conduct this course to cover our expenses.


Would it be okay if I signed up the course alone?

Yes, that is perfectly fine. But you have to wait for one more candidate before we start class.


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