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“Repeated exposure to temperate waters can cause minor discomfort to turn into hypothermia. By staying dry even in warm waters, your comfort level increases and you can maximize the length and number of your dives. After all, you are on vacation.”

– PADI Master Instructor, Lester Kwok

Divers also have to be wary of hypothermia in warm environments. A phenomenon called “warm water hypothermia” can occur even in the tropics, especially during long dives and repetitive dives made without adequate re-warming between dives. In warm water hypothermia, long slow cooling can take place in water temperatures as warm as 25 to 27 degree Celsuis. Although warm water hypothermia is not easily recognized as its cold water counterpart, it definitely warrants attention.

Drysuit Diving is not reserved only for Ice Diving or less than 10 degree Celsuis. With breathable materials used on Drysuit, many Asian divers now have started diving with drysuits.

This course has received alot of popularity these days because of the increased number of divers heading to Silfra Diving Expedition and Antartica.

Orpheus Dive is the only PADI Dive Centre in Singapore that offers Drysuit Training right here.


HOW : Before signing up for any PADI Scuba Diving courses, each participant would have to declare that they are relatively fit and does not require medical clearance. To understand what is needed, please download the medical form.

WHAT : You will need to have received Basic training certification from any other diving agencies as well.

NOTE : If you have not been diving for more than 6 months, a scuba refresher prior to any in-water activities is recommended.


HOWIt is recommended that you sign up 1 week prior to the commencement of class. This will allow you to collect the manual and finish reading and completing the Knowledge Developments.

WHATOur instructor will go through the completed reviews and demonstrate how to size, use, wear the actual suit with you. You will also be introduce to different suits and materials in class.

WHEN : Classes are conducted on any Monday evenings, from 6.30pm to 10.00pm.


HOW : Prepare yourself for the pool training by ensuring you have the required wicking inner wear and socks. You can either purchase those from us or from online.

WHAT : We will be covering the required skills for PADI Drysuit training and also, adjusting your buoyancy based on your new suit.

WHEN : Pool training for PADI Drysuit Bali Packages are conducted in Bali during your 4D/3N stay.


HOW : You will be issued with all the required diving equipment prior to the trip. Please make sure everything taught in class is with you.

WHAT : You will need to clock a minimum of 2 dives (we will suggest that you dive in your drysuit the other weekend) to complete the course

WHEN : The skills evaluation will be conducted over a minimum of 2 dives over the weekend.


FEES : SGD 990.00


– 4 Days 3 Nights Accommodation in Puri Madha (Twin Sharing)
– Friday and Saturday Lunches and Beverages
– Friday to Sunday Breakfast
– All training equipment, PADI Rescue Diver Manual and certification cost
– Confined Water Training
– Instructor Fees
– 3 to 5 Standard Required Dives

Additional Costs

– Drysuit Seals at SGD$ 135.00 | Drysuit Rental During Course : SGD$ 150.00


1720hrs : Departure from Singapore via KLM
2000hrs : Arrival in Bali, Transfer to Puri Madha Tulamben Resort

0700hrs : Breakfast
0800hrs : Confined Water Training
1200hrs : Lunch
1330hrs : Dive 1 & 2
1830hrs : Night Div
1930hrs : Dinner (Not Included in Package) / Overnight in Puri Madha Tulamben Resort

0800hrs : Breakfast
0930hrs : Dive 1
1200hrs : Lunch
1330hrs : Dive 2
1730hrs : Dive 3 
1830hrs : Dinner (Not Included in Package)/ Overnight in Puri Madha Tulamben Resort

Free and Easy
1200hrs : Check Out / Transfers to Denpasar Airport

For those who wish to tour Bali, we can arrange an additional private transfers for you and your friends.




Prompt response: From initial enquiry to travel arrangement to PADI course details, Orpheus Dive has never failed to reply timely, even exceeding expectations!

Hassle-free & flexible to needs: Additional pool sessions requested for were arranged according to our schedules, all we had to do was to make payment. All other logistics arrangements were settled by Orpheus Dive, including the actual trip for PADI training and certification.

Patient & professional dive instructors: Had Lester, Hamish & Darwin train our group and they were very extremely professional in teaching the required skills. Special shout-out to Darwin who has been most patient, most encouraging, most kind to help learners overcome fears and anxiety. He even went the extra mile to take underwater photos and videos to serve as a motivational tool and of course, those were most helpful in the post-dive review sessions. Outstanding service through and through!

Chi Ing

You teach with passion, you are very focus and analytic. You corrected my problems during the lesson. You took time to explain every single drills, you added new stuff to make the training fun. You go through again to make sure I understand. I think you are not just a instructor , but an amazing Teacher.

I want to say thank you to especially Michael & Darwin for tonight lesson.

Alan Fong

From zero to a certified advanced open water diver over one weekend, it would not be possible with the guidance from Michael and Nicholas, really, thank you very much for your help for this trip!

Lynn Pang

My sister and I have just recently completed our open water course with Orpheus. The class that we were in had a small ratio of 1 instructor to 3 students and our instructor, Nicholas Chow, was awesome! He was very patient throughout and ensured that each of us was able to carry out a specified task before moving onto next. I was also experiencing seasickness on the first day of the dive and Nicholas was quick to pass me ointments/seasick pills plus shared with me some very helpful tips on overcoming seasickness/equalization problems. Overall, I had a very enjoyable experience and felt safe throughout the course ( I would highly recommend Orpheus to everyone – thanks Orpheus!

Jocelyn Yeo


Can we rent the drysuit if we are not on course.

Yes, you can. You can find the rates over at our rental page. Please note that rental cost does not include the both wrist and neck seals.


What is the minimum certification I need before signing up for the Drysuit Specialty.

You need to have only the basic certification prior to attending this class.


Do you have all sizes of drysuit for divers?

Unfortunately, we do not. We have limited sizes and if we do not have one that fits you properly, we will not be able to conduct the course for you.


I have not dived for a long time. Can I do this course?

Yes you can, after you have completed a scuba refresher prior to attending this course.


Do you have this course throughout the year in Bali Indonesia?

Yes, this is an adhoc course that can be conducted on any weekend.


Would it be okay if I signed up the course alone?

Yes, that is perfectly fine. The maximum number of students we can take it for this course is 3.

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