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Sidemount Diving, when conducted with the right proper diving equipment, allows a diver to improve their trim, buoyancy and air consumption greatly. It also allows some of us who may be getting a bit older or who just do not wish to walk around with heavy tanks strapped to our backs to rig up in the water.

The beauty of sidemount is that you do not necessarily have to carry two tanks. You can sidemount a single tank, or even multiple tanks for technical diving.

Orpheus Dive has chosen XDeep as our preferred training sidemount BC provider. After using many different brands of sidemount BC systems, nothing comes close to XDeep Sidemount BC Systems. What we love about the XDeep Sidemount Systems is that the wing buoyancy is limited to the lower section of the wing, retaining the ideal placement of gas for good sidemount trim. Some modifications from SUMP UK has also been included in our rental units to make the systems more robust and dynamic for rental purpose.

Xdeep Classic Stealth Rec Tec Sidemount PADI Scuba Diving Course


There has been an ongoing debate between the sidemount divers and back mount divers, on which system is more superior. Both systems have their own pros and cons but what we have discovered is this.

Scuba divers with weaker backs or suffering from scoliosis, sidemount enable you to dive without giving unnecessary stress to your back. It allows you to quickly get into the water and achieves a proper trim.

Another distinct advantage is for people wanting to explore the underwater world with 2 tanks, sidemount is ideal. Many diving destinations do not have ready twins (two tanks attached with a manifold) but they will have single tanks that you can use for your sidemount.

XDEEP sidemount stealth 2.0 classic padi dive course specialty


New sidemount divers will be exposed to one of the tried and tested sidemount configurations. You will be trained in XDeep Stealth 2.0 Rec System, which is modified using SUMP UK hardware, to give divers the ease of adjustments, enabling an easier learning curve to achieve a streamlined and trimmed profile, better weight distribution and a ease of securing bungee systems on the system.

For those who have not purchased their regulators yet, this is a great chance for you to experiment and experience our high-end selection of rental regulators from Apeks (XTX 50 / DST / Side Mount Configured) or Scubapro  (Mk 25 / S600 / Side Mount Configured).


While others were jumping into the bandwagon of sidemount diving, we were busy reviewing the required skills and teaching materials, incorporating additional experiences from cave divers and sidemount configuration skills, and breaking down complex skills to subsets, so it is easier to teach and easier for students to learn.

Everyone can hang two tanks on each side of the body and dive and call themselves sidemount divers. Not many two tanks divers are truly sidemount divers.

Sidemounting requires very firm knowledge of equipment setup and dedicated hardware. From what we have seen, most sidemount divers are recycling hardware and hoses, disabling them from proper trim.

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Step 1 – Theory Lesson

In the PADI Sidemount Diver Course, you learn to plan and make no stop recreational dives using sidemount configuration for one or two cylinders. The emphasis is on enjoying the benefits of sidemount for recreational, no stop diving. The following will be covered in your theory lesson; 

  • Sidemount equipment options
  • Sidemount setup (one or two cylinders)
  • Gas management
  • Gas supply emergencies on recreational sidemount dives
  • Entry and exit techniques for sidemount

Classroom session is conducted on any Monday from 6.30pm to 10 pm at our dive school. There will be a total of 3 classroom sessions. After each classroom session on a Monday, we will proceed to pool training on a Tuesday evening, 6.30pm to 10 pm


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When you are done with your theory and pool training, it is time to decide where you would want to go to complete your 3 required ocean dives. Orpheus Dive offers many different packages catering to your budget and also your need for comfort and experience.

Bali Weekend Getaway – Designed for scuba divers who can take 1.5 days off from work. Bali as a diving destination is renowned and the bungalows we used are designed for comfort for 2 divers. All we have gotten as reviews from divers are “Value for Money”, “Great Diving”, “Much better than the tiring Tioman Trips” and “Extreme luxurious trip at affordable prices”.

Liveaboard Diving from Singapore – All liveaboard diving will only commence in 2019.


  • PADI Open Water Diver.
  • 15 years old.
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Tec Diving Frameless Mask

Single Lens Non Obstructive Mask is preferred.

Tec Diving Fins

Recommended Scubapro Jetfins, OMS Slipstream or Deep Six Fin

Appropriate Exposure Suit

Exposure suit with side or rear pockets for storage

210cm LP Rubber Hose

We generally do not recommend using of long Miflex hoses.

Approved Sidemount BCD

XDeep Tec or Razor System


You will be requiring 2 sets

5 Metres of 6mm Bungee Cord

Good quality Bungee Cord for BCD configuration

Dive Computer

Any brand of diving computer. Ideally one with air tracking

Sidemount BC Inflator Rubber Hoses

Recommended USA Made Rubber Hoses

2 HP 15cm Hoses with SPG

Complete HP Hose with SPG

22" to 28" LP Rubber Hose

Any brand of diving computer

2 sets of Balanceed Regulator

We recommend the use of Apeks or Scubapro only

2 Cutting Devices

Recommended USA Made Rubber Hoses

Bungee Mounted Compass

Exposure suit with side or rear pockets

Wet Notes

For keeping track of your dive profiles and planned dives.

2 Bolt Snaps

Good quality bolt snap

2 x 30m Spools

Please used injected molded ABS plastic only

2 x DSMB

One main and one backup

Sidemount Bungee Hook Triglides

For securing wing system

Adjustable D-Ring Sets

For the best trimming, adjustable D-Rings are often used

Large Hose Retainer

Antislip Elastic Hose Retainer for keeping hoses

2 x DSMB

Exposure suit with side or rear pockets

Sidemount Bungee Hook Triglides

Any brand of diving computer

Orpheus Dive have very professional and friendly staff and instructors! Lester is very knowledgable in the field and will share almost anything if you ask and more.

Had the opportunity to be taught by Instructor Mark (Sg) and Nicholas (Bali) who are approachable and awesome instructors, they will guide you and give you tips and advice whenever they can

Made a good choice to expand my diving knowledge with them. Will definitely come back in future! Happy bubbles Orpheus Dive!

Adib Ridzuan

My instructor Nicholas Chow from Orpheus Dive Singapore was very proficient and knowledgeable. To top it off, he was also very approachable and willing to share his knowledge and passion about diving with me. He is patient and clam in the waters and would always give me more time to practice the skills I am weak at. Thank you Nicholas Chow and Orpheus Dive! Really enjoyed myself at Bali and the new skills acquired!

Ivan Ng

Very professional and kind appearance from all the staff. Joel was our dive instructor on our trip to Bali and we could not have had a better instructor! Very humble, patient and always with a smile! Strongly recommend

Victoria Anna Maria Larsson

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