Having scuba tanks on your back isn’t a requirement for exploring the underwater world. Many scuba divers have discovered the joy of mounting cylinders on their sides. Sidemount diving gives you flexibility and streamlining options. Plus, you don’t have to walk with heavy cylinders on your back – just enter the water, clip them on and go. Sound interesting?

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You will be expose to the most popular sidemount equipment configuration during the course. Out students are trained in the lastest XDeep Stealth 2.0 Classic which has been modified for a ease of adjustment, streamlining, weight distribution and a ease of securing bungee systems of side mouth BCD.

For those who have not purchased their regulators yet, this is a great chance for you to experiment and experience our high end selection of rental regulators from Apeks (XTX 50 / DST / Side Mount Configured) or Scubapro  (Mk 25 / S600 / Side Mount Configured).

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Step 1 – Theory Lesson

In the PADI Sidemount Diver Course, you learn to plan and make no stop recreational dives using sidemount configuration for one or two cylinders. The emphasis is on enjoying the benefits of sidemount for recreational, no stop diving. The following will be covered in your theory lesson;

  • Sidemount equipment options
  • Sidemount setup (one or twon cylinders)
  • Gas management
  • Gas supply emergencies on recreational sidemount dives
  • Entry and exit techniques for sidemount

Classroom session are conducted on any Monday from 6.30pm to 10pm at our dive school

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When you are done with your theory and pool training, it is time to decide where you would want to go to complete your 3 required ocean dives. Orpheus Dive offers many different packages catering to your budget and also your need for comfort and experience. Local Diving Course – Designed for divers who wants to obtain their certification without leaving the country. The visibility around Singapore water is not the best in Asia, with an average underwater visibility of about 3 to 4 metres. The 4 required ocean dives are conducted over two seperate weekends on Sunday mornings. Budget Tioman Trips – Designed for divers who wants to be trained by our experienced instructors but do not wish to have all the comfort and ease of diving. Please note, such packages requires almost a total 10 hours per way. The chalets in such packages are generally quad sharing (two twin sharing beds) in a “rustic” wooden chalets. DO NOT EXPECT ANY FORM OF SERVICES from the chalets in this package. Bali Weekend Getaway – Designed for divers who can take 1.5 days off from work. Bali as a diving destination is renowned and the bungalows we used are designed for comfort for 2 divers. All we have gotten as reviews from divers are “Value for Money”, “Great Diving”, “Much better than the tiring Tioman Trips” and “Extreme luxurious trip at affordable prices”. Liveaboard Diving from Singapore – For divers who want the comfort without taking off from work, another option we provide are liveaboard departing from Singapore. Whilst liveaboard is not as comfortable as our Bali trips, it is significantly much better than the budget Tioman trips as well.

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  • PADI Open Water Diver.
  • 15 years old.


Technical (tec) diving means going beyond recreational scuba diving limits. But, tec divers will tell you that it’s really about the challenge and adventure of exploring places that no one else has ever seen. Tec diving is not for everyone, but it does attract experienced divers who want to go beyond their current limits and are willing to accept the added risks, training, investment and commitment it demands. If this is you, then PADI TecRec courses are your ticket to extreme adventure.