Myth 1

I need to be in a top physical condition in order to dive.


Like any active sport, diving is more enjoyable if you’re physically fit. And you do need some basic swimming skills in order to learn. But it’s nothing extreme; if you’re comfortable in the deep end of a pool, can swim, and you can walk for several minutes without getting winded, you can probably learn to dive.

Myth 2

Learning to dive takes a really long time and it is time consuming


You can become a certified diver in a very short period of time, or you can take your time and learn at your own pace. We can be very flexible to fit your schedule, or you can sign up for a class that has set meeting dates and times. Times can be shortened by the diver by reading ahead or taking private instructor time for confined water or open water learning. You’ll be diving in less time than you think!

Myth 3

Diving is difficult and complicated. and my friends said it is scary especially when it comes to equalizing and mask clearing


Learning diving from experience instructors that have years of experience is ver important. Unfortunately, there are very few diving instructors here in Singapore that posses quality experience and innovation at the same time.

Good and experience instructors can make diving seems so easy for you. They innovation and creativity allows them to adapt their teaching techniques to all levels of students, making a difficult skill seem easy.

Myth 4

I am too old to learn scuba diving


We regularly hear about people diving, and learning to dive, well into their eighties. In fact one of the most active “groups” of divers is in the age range from 38 to 53. On the whole, this group dives more regularly, travels more to dive, and even takes more classes than most other “groups.”

Orpheus Dive has been conducting senior diving classes for divers between the youngest age of 55 to an average age of 65. You ARE NEVER TOO OLD to start having fun.

Myth 5

I have no one dive with and all my friends are already certified


Diving is an exciting and unique experience that many people take up while on vacation or as a life-long activity. Finding buddies with whom to dive is as easy as visiting us and signing up for any of our destination dive trips. You’ll probably have ready-to-dive buddies that you’ll meet during your scuba certification course. Chances are you’ll find that you have lots in common with these other divers, usually more than the diving experience itself!

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