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  • Insert 200-BAR DIN to Yoke

    $ 15.00
    • Insert 200-BAR DIN to Yoke with an 8-mm hex opening and includes two oxygen compatible 112 O-Rings
    • Easily converts a DIN valve opening to Yoke
    • Use on 200-Bar style (Pro DIN/K) valves only
    • Has 8-mm hex opening and two O-rings
    • Nitrox Ready – Chromed Brass Construction
  • Threaded Dust Plug for DIN Valve, Delrin

    $ 15.00

    Our dust plugs for DIN valves work with either 200-bar or 300-bar DIN valve fittings and include a swivel attachment lanyard and o-ring. Machined from delrin they each resist salt and sediment buildup, corrosion and damage from normal use. The delrin version has the advantage that the sides are machined with cross-hatching that makes the plug easier to grip and unscrew. They are vented, so that the presence of high-pressure gas does not trap the plug, making it difficult to remove.