Backplate and Harness

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  • OxyCheq Removable Shoulder Harness Pads Colored

    $ 130.00

    Removable Shoulder Harness Pads go on the shoulder straps of a Hogarthian or Speed Harness Rig. Helps to keep the straps from digging into the shoulders when you are out of the water and the weight of your gear is on your shoulders. The pads are easily installed or removed without having to disassemble the Hogarthian or Speed Harness harness. The pads have a left and right side configuration.

    2017 NEW COLORS – Pink and Blue Camo

  • OxyCheq Ultra Lite Travel Plate Colored

    $ 118.00

    The Ultra Lite Back Plate is the world’s lightest back plate weighing only 9oz / 255 grams. In addition to being great for travel, when combined with the Speed Harness one size fits virtually every diver. The Ultra Lite Plate is easily attached to any OxyCheq wing using two of our sex nuts/bolts.