SM Accessories

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  • Band Kit for Sidemount Tank Rigging

    $ 60.00

    Sidemount tank cam band rig kit with stainless steel hardware.

    Complete rigging kit needed to setup your scuba cylinder as a dedicated Side-Mount tank.


    • Ultra durable and lightweight Polyacetal cam band and tank strap
    • Stainless steel bolt snap and glider
    • Nylon line
    • No metal to metal connection
    • Rig kit will fit aluminum and steel tanks
  • Double D Crotch Strap

    $ 40.00

    Double D crotch strap replaces the standard D-Ring / Triglide at the back of your crotch strap. New designed has bungee retention slots added which can be used to hold down the standard SM wings

  • Sidemount Bungee Hook Triglides

    $ 80.00
    • Fixture point for the sidemount bladder Serrated tri-glides with built in bungee hooks. Comes in kit with 3. One on each hip and one to the crutch band.
    • Made of 316 Stainless Steel
    • Sold in a pack of 3
  • xDeep Expandable Cargo SideMount Pocket

    $ 120.00

    Side mount dedicated pocket for accessories. A MUST HAVE FOR ALL SIDEMOUNT DIVERS. It’s made from high-quality, durable material. Equiped with not one, but two steel D-ring as a additional mount points, and two partitions enclosed with a zipper. Two double-ended carabiners and bungee strap included providing convenient attachment to your harness. By sliding the zipper it is possible to further extend the space provided by the cargo bag if you ever need to pack up something bigger.

  • XDeep Sidemount Buttplate

    $ 90.00

    xDeep butt plate serves two purposes. It supports steel tanks in sidemount especially the short ones but is also easy to reach and convenient storage space for gear like reel, spools, camera and other dive gear that you use on a dive. Large rails size makes them easy and quick to find.