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  • Halcyon Evolve 40lbs Wing

    $ 750.00

    Halcyon Evolve wing’s circular design promotes better trim. Designed for advanced diver. Improved hydrodynamic profile. Greatly reduces gas trapping in wing. More efficient venting from rear OPV.

  • XDeep Hydros 40lbs Wing

    $ 550.00

    The xDeep Hydros 40 TECxs System has been designed and built with the twin set diver in mind. Tough materials and improved shape give you a reliable bladder that holds you in a good position in this ae water. The TECxs is a complete harness, backplate and wing system to bolt onto your twins.

  • Xdeep Stealth 2.0 Classic Sidemount System

    $ 930.00

    Cave diving’s silent hero for amazing feats of exploration: The Stealth 2.0 Classic Sidemount System is CE certified and available from Underwater Explorers (DirDirect.com) as a holistic system with less set-up time and more time underwater targeting primarily cave divers but versatile enough to be used in the sea. The system comprises a Stealth 2.0 Classic Wing (16Kg/35Lbs lift), a fully adjustable Stealth 2.0 harness and the unique STEALTH 2.0 modular weight system. The STEALTH 2.0 classic sidemount system has, for many years, been the first choice of the world’s best divers for their exploration.

  • Sale! xdeep stealth 2.0 tec

    xDeep Stealth 2.0 TEC Sidemount System

    $ 980.00 $ 920.00

    The Xdeep Stealth 2.0 TEC Sidemount Setup is a versatile sidemount system which will support a combination of open water or cave configurations from double cylinders to multiple tanks including stages. With a double shell 19Kg (42Lbs) lift bladder based around the popular Xdeep classic harness, the Stealth 2.0 TEC can be used for open water sidemount diving, deep decompression multiple cylinder diving and extended cave penetrations.