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  • Apeks XTX 40 Octopus

    $ 290.00

    The XTX40 Octopus provides the same features and performance as the XTX40 second stage and includes left / right hand reversibility. It comes with a high visibility yellow front cover and a 36” yellow hose. Suitable for cold water use (below 10 C / 50 F).

  • Scubapro R095 Octopus

    $ 230.00

    A BACKUP BREATHER THAT WON’T BUST YOUR BUDGETThis performance octo reg is about as simple as can be, yet delivers air reliably when needed.


  • Scubapro R195 Octopus

    $ 295.00

    When you need a safe second you tend to need it quickly, so you better be able to see it, and it better be ready to deliver some air. The R195 OCTO does that and much more.