Surface Marker Buoys

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  • DIRZONE Alert Marker PRO 120cm

    can be inflated via BCD-Adapter, equipped with over pressure valve. Inline inlet valve!
    Stainless steel D-ring!


  • Divers Essentials Package

    Dive Rite’s Divers Essentials Package has the miscellaneous, yet necessary items packaged together with a convenient way to carry everything.

  • OEM Finger Spool

    $ 35.00$ 40.00

    The Taiwan made Spools are made of injection molded ABS plastic, loaded with standard #24 cave line in your choice of white, yellow or orange and include a large {4.5 in | 11 mm} S/S bolt snap.

  • Surface Marker Buoy – SMB 4.2ft

    $ 95.00

    Made from urethane-backed nylon material, the seams are both ultra-sonically welded, stitched, and cloth piped for added durability.

  • Surface Marker Buoy – SMB 5ft

    $ 85.00

    For drift dives, or night dives, or in the event that you’re separated from the boat and need to be easily spotted, the Safety Sausage is a must-have accessory for every open ocean diver.