Diving Lights

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  • Bigblue AL220

    $ 100.00

    AL220: This multi-function LED light is suitable for diving and other outdoor activities — hiking, running, camping, fishing, etc., as it can be used on land or underwater. The Bigblue AL220 comes in five great color options, a lanyard, and only uses 2 AA batteries.

  • Glo-Toob GT-AAA

    $ 60.00

    GLO-TOOB™ have been made for different industries including Camping, Boating, Fishing, Hiking, Scuba Diving, Cycling, Caving, Mining, Rock climbing, Military & Police and this list keeps growing. Operating for approximately 4 hours in the permanently on mode & up to 15 hours in the strobe mode, the GLO-TOOB™ AAA is perfectly suited for any dark environment, whether it be in the work place, or for recreational use. With its inexpensive, replaceable battery and high impact resistant design, the long lasting LED (Light Emitting Diode) light source is viewable from 360 degrees.

  • Princeton Tec Amp 1L

    $ 35.00

    The tiny Amp 1L packs a 45 lumen LED. With a large carabiner loop, this handheld light can hang off of a gear loop on your pack or the inside of your tent. Amp 1 L comes with a snap on cone to convert your flashlight into a marker light or to provide area lighting. When the adventure is over, this light still comes in handy with its built-in bottle opener. Amp 1L is waterproof to 100M (330ft). Color cones (red, blue or green) are sold separately.


  • Scubapro Nova 2100 Spot / Flood

    $ 750.00$ 990.00

    The powerful new Nova 2100 SF (Spot Flood) multi-use dive light offers both a 65º wide beam and a 15º spot beam to perfectly match different diving situations. Five light modes plus an emergency signal mode provide lots of versatility, with one-button control for easy operation. Extremely reliable, the waterproof battery compartment is isolated so even if the O-ring seal fails, water cannot reach the internal electronics. The Nova 2100 SF comes as a set with both a large and a small a Goodman handle, plus a pistol grip handle and a GoPro adapter. The light comes with a wrist lanyard, rechargeable battery, charger and spare parts, all packed in a zippered EVA carry case.

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    Scubapro Novalight 720

    $ 260.00 $ 190.00

    The Nova 720 are machined from heavy-duty aluminum so are both lightweight and built to last. They are easy to use and provide lots of burn time. A 50 percent mode allows you to increase burn time if you don’t need the full power.

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    Scubapro Novalight 720R

    $ 245.00 $ 190.00

    Measuring 15cm in length, the rechargeable Nova 720R is more compact than the Nova 720 yet offers the same rugged aluminum construction and delivers the same high-intensity 720-lumen illumination. For divers who want a durable light they can stow in a BC pocket, offers maximum light intensity throughout an entire day or night of diving and recharges quickly and easily, the Nova 720R is the ideal choice.

  • Sola Ball Mount Kit Adapter

    $ 75.00

    The Sola Ball Mount Kit Adapter allows you to mount your dive light on your SLR rig and use with Ultralight ball and clamp systems.