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  • Apollo Bio-Metal Mask

    $ 195.00
    • Soft silicone skirt
    • Low profile aluminum frame
    • One-touch buckles for easy adjustment
    • Narrow center pillar
    • Twin lens low volume design
    • Available in Black/Black , Black/Clear , Grey/Clear, Grey/Black , Metallic Blue/Black , Metallic Blue/Clear
    • Available in 60cc , 85cc , 100cc

    Colours : Black/Black | Black/Clear | Grey/Clear | Grey/Black | Metallic Blue/Black | Metallic Blue/Clear

  • Aqualung Sphera

    Aqua Lung Sphera

    $ 90.00
    • Patented Plexisol® lenses provide 100% UVA & UVB protection, a great plus for free divers spending time at the surface
    • Curved lenses provide true 180-degree visibility for maximum awareness while swimming
    • Anti-fog and scratch-resistant lens coatings deliver crystal clear viewing and improved durability
    • Slimmed down mask strap and buckle system minimize drag and are easy to adjust, even when wearing gloves
    • Color options: Black Skirt – Black
  • Cressi Big Eyes Evo

    $ 145.00
    • Skirt in High Seal silicone
    • Special structure of the skirt has differentiated rigidity
    • Very narrow headband in three materials, invisible when the mask is worn
    • Instantly adjustable buckles that are joined to the headband with an indestructible elastic element
    • Downward visibility is increased by 25% compared to the Matrix
    • Minimum internal volume


  • Gull Coco Colored Mask from Japan

    $ 110.00

    Compared with designs where a strap attached to the frame pulls and presses down on the skirt, this pull from integrated strap and skirt structure provides a better fit with the face. It feels more natural and is better at keeping water out.

  • Gull Mantis LV Amber Lens Mask from Japan

    $ 280.00

    Mantis LV Mask has a traditional form and superb function as high-end mask. The silhouette of Mantis LV Mask deeply percolates through diver’s consciousness.

  • Gull Naida Cocoloa Limited Edition Colours

    $ 150.00

    Gull Naida Cocoloa is a limited edition colour series that comes with complementary mask straps. Gull Naida’s high quality and soft silicone provides a comfortable seal for divers face.

  • Gull Vader Amber Lens Mask from Japan

    $ 280.00

    New 2015 GULL VADER MASK diving mask with Amber Lens to block out 80% of UV rays.

  • Hollis Mask M-1

    $ 190.00
    • The M1 mask raises the bar for optical quality and distortion free vision. This lens is an extra clear glass which is valued for its attractive appearance and optical qualities.
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    Mares X-VISION LiquidSkin

    $ 70.00$ 145.00

    • Field of vision increased by an astounding 20%
    • New anatomical skirt provides superior fit and seal
    • Vibrant new colors

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    Mares X-VU LiquidSkin

    $ 70.00$ 145.00

    The X-vu LiquidSkin scuba mask is the third 2-window mask using LiquidSkin technology after the X-vision scuba mask and Star scuba mask. Beyond the natural comfort provided by LiquidSkin skirt, an additional soft silicone part is injected in the nose area acting like an anti-shock bumper.


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    Mares X-VU LiquidSkin Sunrise

    $ 145.00 $ 70.00

    • Bi-Silicone strap
    • Tricomfort technology
    • Wide range of colours

  • Scubapro Mask – Crystal Vu

    $ 145.00

    With the advent of silicone skirts, twin-lens masks have become increasingly popular because they typically lower internal volume, making clearing easier. To increase peripheral vision and transfer more light, SCUBAPRO has incorporated side lenses into selected masks.

  • Scubapro Mask – Frameless

    Single-lens mask featuring a unique assembly of lens and skirt without a frame.

  • Scubapro Mask – Spectra 2

    $ 125.00

    The NEW Spectra 2 resembles the metallic-look frame twin lens Spectra mask, but is smaller in size.

  • Scubapro Steel Comp

    $ 85.00

    The ultimate freediving mask, the frameless, dual-lens Steel Comp is particularly well- suited to deep divers. It has the lowest possible internal volume so equalizing is easy. Plus, on descent the mask itself compresses, so equalization is not required as often. The soft skirt and buckle system allow for a comfortable, watertight fit on most faces.

  • Scubapro Steel Pro

    The single-lens, low volume Steel Pro offers an expansive view of the underwater world. Perfect for freediving or scuba diving, the frameless design is streamlined and lightweight, and the soft silicone skirt provides a comfortable, watertight fit on a range of face shapes. Both black and white skirts are very effective at blocking out light reflection at depth.

  • Seac E-Fox Mask

    $ 60.00
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    Seac Sub Italia Asian Fit Mask

    $ 70.00 $ 59.00
    • Frame: polycarbonate with chromed metal closing inserts and stainless steel screws
    • Skirt: Comfort Silicone of differentiated thickness with large textured surfaces. Areas in contact with the face designed to fit Asian facial structure perfectly
    • Strap: Liquid silicone
    • Lens: Ultra Clear tempered optical glass 3 mm thick
    • Optical lenses: -1.0 to -6.0
    • Packaging: rigid transparent box.
    • 3D Pivoting Buckle system.
  • Seac Sub Salina Mask

    $ 56.00

    Single-lens mask in tempered glass available with skirt in hypoallergenic silicon or in phthalate-free Siltra.