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  • Apollo Bio-Metal Mask

    $ 195.00
    • Soft silicone skirt
    • Low profile aluminum frame
    • One-touch buckles for easy adjustment
    • Narrow center pillar
    • Twin lens low volume design
    • Available in Black/Black , Black/Clear , Grey/Clear, Grey/Black , Metallic Blue/Black , Metallic Blue/Clear
    • Available in 60cc , 85cc , 100cc

    Colours : Black/Black | Black/Clear | Grey/Clear | Grey/Black | Metallic Blue/Black | Metallic Blue/Clear

  • Gull Coco Colored Mask from Japan

    $ 110.00

    Compared with designs where a strap attached to the frame pulls and presses down on the skirt, this pull from integrated strap and skirt structure provides a better fit with the face. It feels more natural and is better at keeping water out.

  • Gull Mantis LV Amber Lens Mask from Japan

    $ 280.00

    Mantis LV Mask has a traditional form and superb function as high-end mask. The silhouette of Mantis LV Mask deeply percolates through diver’s consciousness.

  • Gull Naida Cocoloa Limited Edition Colours

    $ 150.00

    Gull Naida Cocoloa is a limited edition colour series that comes with complementary mask straps. Gull Naida’s high quality and soft silicone provides a comfortable seal for divers face.

  • Gull Vader Amber Lens Mask from Japan

    $ 280.00

    New 2015 GULL VADER MASK diving mask with Amber Lens to block out 80% of UV rays.

  • Seac E-Fox Mask

    $ 60.00
  • Sale!

    Seac Sub Italia Asian Fit Mask

    $ 70.00 $ 59.00
    • Frame: polycarbonate with chromed metal closing inserts and stainless steel screws
    • Skirt: Comfort Silicone of differentiated thickness with large textured surfaces. Areas in contact with the face designed to fit Asian facial structure perfectly
    • Strap: Liquid silicone
    • Lens: Ultra Clear tempered optical glass 3 mm thick
    • Optical lenses: -1.0 to -6.0
    • Packaging: rigid transparent box.
    • 3D Pivoting Buckle system.
  • Seac Sub Salina Mask

    $ 56.00

    Single-lens mask in tempered glass available with skirt in hypoallergenic silicon or in phthalate-free Siltra.