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  • Cressi Alpha Ultra Dry Snorkel

    $ 75.00

    Alpha Ultra Dry snorkel allows users to take every breath with confidence and focus on the reef below.

    • Features a float mechanism which closes instantly to prevent water from entering the snorkel whether accidentally or purposely submerged
    • Flexible lower bore reduces jaw fatigue
    • Mouthpiece drops away when not in use–great for scuba divers
    • High-quality silicone mouthpiece is comfortable and durable
    • Angled mouthpiece reduces jaw fatigue
    • Lower purge valve allows water to be quickly expelled
    • Streamlined design reduces drag while swimming
    • Adjustable clip for securing to any mask
  • singapore cressi snorkel

    Cressi Supernova-Dry Snorkel

    $ 75.00

    Anti-Splash, Semidry top with exhaust valve. An ergonomically oriented
    silicone mouthpiece for an intuitive and user friendly experience.


  • Mares Ergo Line – Dry Guard Snorkel

    $ 65.00

    The combination of the 100% dry top and the
    lower purge valve ensures a breathing characteristic that’s entirely water free.


  • Mares Ergo Splash – Semidry Snorkel

    $ 48.00

    Anti-splash, semidry top with exhaust valve for this snorkel
    An ergonomically oriented silicone mouthpiece for an intuitive and user friendly experience.


  • Scubapro Apnea Foldable Snorkel

    $ 65.00

    Made from soft and flexible non-toxic silicone, SCUBAPRO’s new APNEA SNORKEL easily attaches to your mask strap when being used. When not needed, it can be folded and stowed in an accessory pocket.  When it’s time to do some more surface swimming, it pops right back into shape.

    The APNEA‘s upper barrel can be removed if you prefer to use a shorter pipe. Without question, this is an easy-to-use and very versatile surface breather.

  • Scubapro Fusion Pro – Semi Dry Snorkel

    $ 55.00

    he new FUSION PRO is a modern snorkel design featuring an upper splashguard to keep water out. The lower flex hose drops conveniently from the mouth for scuba divers who switch to their regulators.

    There’s a purge valve, also positioned low, to drain any water that enters the barrel, and the comfortable silicone mouthpiece is exchangeable.

  • Scubapro Phoenix 2 – Dry Snorke

    $ 65.00
    • Comfortable, high grade silicone mouthpiece.
    • Flexible, corrugated section drops snorkel from face when not in use.
    • Durable universal snorkel keeper.
    • Purge valve for ease of clearing.
    • Patented dry snorkel design.
    • Available in Black, Blue, Yellow, and Clear.


  • Scubapro Semi-Dry Spectra Snorkel

    $ 55.00
    • This snorkel not only has an unique paint application  but is top in comfort, both in ease of breathing and clearing.
    • Available in five metallic colours.
    • Semi-dry top design helps prevent water entry into tube.
    • Large bore tube for easy breathing.
    • Flexible, corrugated joint drops snorkel from face when not in use.
    • Ergonomic regulator style mouthpiece for added comfort.
    • Purge valve at lowest point for effortless clearing.