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  • Ursuit Diving Drysuit – BDS Kevlar

    $ 2,800.00

    Light and breathable drysuit

    Ursuit BDS Kevlar is a suit developed for demanding operations such as surface rescue, professional diving and technical diving. The material is lightweight and breathable three-layer fabric with 20% Kevlar strengthening, making the suit very comfortable. Please make an order and visit our store for final fitting and measurements.

  • Ursuit Diving Drysuit – Cordura FZ

    $ 2,295.00

    Ursuit Cordura FZ is developed for demanding wreck and technical diving operations, which cannot be compromised by suit breakage. Cordura coated three-layer fabric provides the best possible abrasion and tear resistance, as well as high class durability.

  • Ursuit Diving Drysuit – Lite

    $ 2,010.00

    Lightweight and breathable drysuit, perfect solution for warm water diving

  • Ursuit Diving Drysuit – Softdura

    $ 2,340.00

    Ursuit Softdura is made of highly durable three-layer material, which is still flexible and comfortable to wear. The ergonomy of the suit is top of the line, which makes it perfect for longer dives. Front zipper allows the user to don the suit without assistance.