Underwater Photography Lights

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  • Sola Ball Mount Kit Adapter

    $ 75.00

    The Sola Ball Mount Kit Adapter allows you to mount your dive light on your SLR rig and use with Ultralight ball and clamp systems.

  • Sola Dive 1200 S/F

    $ 550.00

    “This is one cool dive light. Weighs only 10 ounces, including the battery and hands-free strap, yet it offers a choice of a powerful spot beam or a massive flood beam, each with three power settings.” -SCUBALAB Tester’s Choice

  • Sola Dive 800

    $ 450.00

    “This light is awesome! It’s powerful, lightweight, and leaves your hands free to hold a camera, climb up a ladder, etc. Rechargeable battery is icing on the cake! Highly recommend!” – Carol M. (Scuba.com)

  • Sola Photo 1200

    $ 590.00

    “I love my Sola modeling lights. Absolutely brilliant invention, and with the ability to switch on the red LEDs, I can get some night behaviors I never could before” – David Doubilet (AlertDiver)

  • Sola Photo 800

    $ 450.00

    Sola Photo lights are the most compact and brightest focus lights in their class, providing photo and video enthusiasts with power and flexibility in a small package. The Sola Photo 800 is the perfect focusing and modeling light, combining 800 lumens of white light in a 60 degree flood beam with a 300 lumen 60 degree red flood beam.