Apeks Service Maintenance Kit – AP0254

$ 40.00


Original Maintenance and Service Kits for Apeks Repair and Maintenance Kit regulators

Authorized Apeks Regulator servicing kits and servicing Information can be found at labs.orpheusdive.com

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Most authorized dealers are able to perform warranty, repair and service work on your equipment. Availability of sub-assemblies and components, repair parts, specialized tools and maintenance manuals does not imply qualification to assemble and/or service scuba equipment. Service by other than an authorized dealer voids the warranty on all products we sell. Improper service of dive equipment can lead to serious injury or death.

Orpheus Dive recommends that divers participating in more advanced technical and exploration type diving be trained in equipment service. We DO NOT recommend that non-qualified individuals even while under the supervision of a trained professional should attempt repairs or servicing on any diving equipment.

Parts and Maintenance kits from Orpheus Dive website will only be sold to trained professionals with Manufacturer certifications (must be updated annual and proof will be requested).

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