Carbon Fiber Float Arm 80mm x 10 inch

$ 160.00

Underwater photographers have long battled to make their camera systems neutrally buoyant in the water; a neutrally buoyant rig is easier to handle in the water and can be operated with one hand much easier than heavier rigs. Systems that are too heavy can result in arm strain and contribute to difficultly with buoyancy of the shooter. A properly balanced rig is a lot more fun to use!

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Carbon Fiber Float 80mm x 10 inch Carbon Fiber Float Arm L
Buoyancy: 1.2 kg
Length: 10.0 inch

The Carbon Fiber Float Arm series is manufactured from a high quality 80mm*8″ carbon fiber tubing with machined aluminum 1inch balls. water tight integrity and each arm includes an aluminum spine that ties the entire assembly together, making the arm stronger than one machined from solid aluminum. This robust design ensures that these carbon fiber arms will last a lifetime.

Carbon arms do not measurably compress even at 100 meters / 330 feet, and look more streamlined than chunky foam blocks. The Carbon Fiber Float Arm system of arms, clamps, trays and other mounting allows a huge range of possibilities for arranging lighting. The addition of the Carbon Fiber Arms allows the underwater shooter even more flexibility in dialing in the exact rig desired.

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