After years of experimenting with digital learning, PADI, the world’s most recognized diving agency, has again outshone its competitors by introducing its new PADI Training App. The New PADI Training App is dedicated to PADI’s digital products, and divers can choose to take it online OR offline, depending on your individual learning preferences.

PADI Scuba Diving Courses have always been student-centric, focusing on divers, and their individual learning style. With their new digital learning app, now divers can truly learn the required theory at their own pace.

Orpheus Dive will be the first dive centre here in Singapore who is going to embrace this new format of teaching. There are a lot of benefits for both divers and us with this new material in place.

Our instructor now can focus on prescriptive teaching more, filling in the blanks with students. Divers can have undivided attention from their instructors as we no longer waste time on playing the videos and going through missed questions with you. Divers no longer have to waste their precious evenings sitting down with us just to attend a class and watch their DVDs.

After experimenting this new way of teaching, we realized our divers perform significantly better in water, their knowledge is more concrete and the ability of them applying what they have learned, combined with their new skills, they are in a better position to apply both knowledge and skills to actual diving situation.


Once you have registered with us, we will immediately register your email with PADI for E-Learning. We would strongly suggest that you stick to one email and not change it.

This registered email will be used by PADI for all your future communications, accessing your apps and training materials.

Upon registering you successfully, you will receive an welcome email from PADI, welcoming you to your new diving digital course that you have signed up for.

The link in your email will open a new browser, bringing you to If you have already registered, just login.

If not, please create an account using the link from a welcome email from PADI.

Once you have registered with PADI, the system will automatically send you another email with a verification code. Use that code for verification. Once it is successfully verified, PADI will start collecting your personal records. For the address, please use your current address. This will be the address that you will be receiving your certification card.



In the past, if you have signed up for a course in English and received an English Manual, and should you like to have another copy in Chinese, we will have to charge you for an additional manual fee. With the new digital platform, you can choose to swap languages anytime. Isn’t that a plus point?

You can choose to learn in any language of your choice and cross-reference the technical words.

WAIT A MOMENT, what happened to watching the materials on a mobile phone or tablet?

PADI has created an hybrid app, that is available for both Android and iOS users, and it is built in a responsive manner that works on any devices.

Head straight to Google Playstore or Apple Store and search for PADI Training. Once you have downloaded the App, the interface is identical to what you see on your computer, asking you for your email and password. You can then choose to download what you want to read. Be warned though, it is about 1.8Gb for the PADI Open Water Diver Course. We had a nasty shock when we downloaded everything on a very OLD iPad for testing.


Once you have downloaded the app for your smart devices, you will be prompted to create a new account. Please click on Create an Account and enter the same email you have given to us during registration.


Enter your particulars. Make sure the name is the same name that you will like to have it on your cards and the mailing address is the address that you want to receive your card.


Once you have completed the form, PADI will be sending you a verification code via the email you have used. Enter the verification code and it will take you to the new PADI Training App.

Emily Tan
Scuba Fashion Addict at Orpheus Dive
Majored in advertising and marketing. Emily is a dive addict and also an active PADI Instructor in the 90s. She is spending most of her time taking care of her young kids. During her free time, she is our in-house blogger.
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